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Calculating Kabbalistic Natal Horoscopes Using Kabbalistic Astrology and The Astrological Calculator. The Astrological Calculator is an instrument that can easily be used by anyone to calculate a natal Kabbalistic Horoscope.
As in Kabbalistic philosophy and because we live on Earth, the center point of all the concentric Kabbalistic spheres is Earth.
The Astrological Calculator comes with the very attractive main calculating wheel, a set of charts of positive angelic beings indicating their names and degree, and instructional information.
In the Earth Centric Kabbalistic model it is perhaps easier to see that the Kabbalistic spheres can immediately affect all life on Earth. Firstly, although the heliocentric and the Earthcentric models are analogous to each other they do not resemble each other in structure.
Although it has always been there, the Zone Girdling the Earth and its 360 entities (one for each degree or every four minutes – this is why a geometric circle, as far back in history as anyone wishes to go, has always had 360 degrees) may be seen as an entirely new concept altogether to many. Everyone familiar with astrology in general accepts the concept that each sphere produces a distinct influence because its field of influence is defined.
Kabbalistic astrology calculates which specific beings were present at the time of birth and their specific fields of influence. As is evident from the circular chart above the number in each color circle indicates the number of entities that belong to the specific spheres. Although this spiritual knowledge is universal and singular, there are two very distinctly different depictions of the Tree of the Sephiroth, one is Hebraic and the other is Christian (there are also likely oriental depictions).
This aspect of Kabbalah is not only very interesting, it also illustrates one very fundamental and practical application as well as the depth of True Kabbalistic study that is largely unknown and untapped especially among present day Kabbalistic philosophers.
The Astrological Calculator calculates, using this information, which beings are present at the time of birth. Kabbalistic Astrology can be an essential tool to help better define a person’s life, talents and attributes. Everyone on Earth tries to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Even though fundamental self-knowledge is vital and would ultimately set a person truly free, very little until recently, has been available in books of wisdom or Holy Script to the general public that might clearly and systematically unlock this fundamental puzzle. Many people, especially in North America define who they are by their work – how they make a living or, how much money they have been able to amass. All in all, Kabbalistic Astrology is an excellent tool that has remained buried in the sands of Ancient Egypt for a long time and now it is available to everyone in our times!
We hope you enjoy the journey that explores and fulfills your untapped inner potentials and purpose in your life. Kabbalistic Astrology, Astrology, Physical Mantic Astrology and Astronomy are Related but Literally Worlds Apart. Kabbalistic Astrology is the original source for all aspects of what is now called astrology. Literally, the word astrology means the study of the astral world or astral plane which is not visible to most human beings.
Most of the confusion between astrology and astronomy comes from gross philosophical misunderstandings and errors imposed by the sheer spiritual and natural ignorance of the major spiritual institutions of only a few centuries ago, that mistook the Kabbalistic model of concentric astral spheres that surround our Earth as the actual physical planetary order which, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Planetary aspects can be calculated by anyone who is interested and is willing to observe them and can be used for practical mantic (prognostication) purposes very usefully through entirely physically manifesting effects. Many have tried to predict their love-life by planetary based astrology and have found nothing but disappointment because love is astral and the planets are not. Kabbalistic Astrology is, by its very definition, related to the Kabbalah and Kabbalistic philosophy. The Kabbalah itself represents the unseen structure, and order of the unseen angelic forces that govern all physical existence. Kabbalistic Astrology is one of the more obvious of the many practical applications of pure Kabbalah that even a person who is not fully versed in Kabbalah can apply usefully; in much the same way as a person does not need to know how to build a car in order to be able to drive one. A Kabbalistic natal horoscope calculated using instruments like the Astrological Calculator likely precede Ancient Egypt, and the method has remained, like the Kabbalistic order of planet Earth, completely unchanged.
The forces that control the destiny and movements of the stars and planets and the life that exists upon them is necessarily controlled at the spiritual and astral level Kabbalistically. Measuring an object and where it is in relation to something else and its physical characteristics does not reveal why it is there or the actual purpose that it serves.
However, the appearance of any living thing in the mineral, vegetable or animal kingdoms will have a color, a geometry and life cycle, a specific smell and feel, a place of origin, an environment where it naturally flourishes or can typically be found, a characteristic behaviour. Kabbalistic astrology is the only tool that can define the purpose of the newly born spiritual being within its physical existence. In order to discuss Kabbalistic Astrology intelligently a rudimentary base must be laid explaining its foundation in Kabbalah theory.
Within this order, numbering from one (1) to ten (10), all possible possibilities as far as we are concerned on Earth are contained. And, even though these representations are identical in concept one can be used to better explain the other.
The Spheres, their Colours, Geometries, Names, Corresponding intelligences and so on, represent the process by which existence has come into being, is maintained, and is guided.
The geometry of the Hebraic order depicted on the right is more an obscure philosophical study whereas the Fludd interpretation of the same information makes the information more practical as well as putting it into a context that can be more practically analyzed and applied. The information applied in the Hebraic Sephirothic structure has maintained the names of God within the respective spheres but has also included the corresponding information from Robert Fludd to elaborate on the respective relation of numbers, the names of God, Geometries, Planetary sphere, respective attributed properties, etc. Although the list below is a complete list of the order of the spheres it would take a much larger list to include all of the beings that each sphere actually contain. As we already explained, a typical ancient Egyptian zodiac is an astronomical representation of the whole year containing the main date.
In order to tackle this problem we need to examine the structure of the available to us Egyptian zodiacs. It turns out that our conjecture about the beginning of the Egyptian year in September, which was made purely based on the evidence from the zodiacs, agrees with the particularities of the Egyptian climate. In our computation, we didn't assume as a requirement that the Egyptian year began in September. Astrology is a pseudoscience that sets the position of the planets to predict the power of human events such as disasters. The term Astrology comes from the Greek "Astron" which means "Star" and "Logos" which means "Speech". Astrology relies on a set of this concept are the aspects, the elements, the houses, the planets and of course zodiac signs. This is an entirely different look at Astrology and a completely different calculation from a typical natal or even most other Kabbalistic horoscopes.

Therefore all calculations are done relative to Earth based on the time of sunrise on the day of birth, which gives the spheres their starting alignment relative to the time of birth. The colouring of the main wheels is astrologically accurate in accordance to the spherical correspondences.
The influence of the spheres above these (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) are not as significant as those that immediately girdle the Earth Sphere and therefore are not mentioned.
It is impossible to produce a predictable, distinct and characteristic effect without a specific intelligence producing it. Even though we tend to take credit for our own abilities, it is from these beings that our talents actually originate from or are inspired through. The degrees indicates, based on a 360 degree circle around the equator of the Earth, when one entity enters and exits.
The soul has its make up partially from the souls of our progenitors (parents, grandparents, etc.) and partially from our own self (spirit) and partially from our Earth. Human beings are not robots so, no astrological chart can actually force a person to act in a pre-specified way.
The order of the angelic beings that correspond to the spheres was the basis for all the ancient sciences through the now almost forgotten Science of Analogy and is the basis for many things, including the division of time, and the naming of the days of the week and their unchanging sequence, geometry, numbers and so on. Some might reject the idea that Kabbalah has any relation to Christianity and is exclusively Hebraic. It also makes Kabbalistic astrology universally accessible to anyone who is spiritually minded even without a complete initiation into the deepest Kabbalistic Mysteries. If a person knows their inborn skills and attributes they would be in a much better position to more clearly define the major part of their purpose earlier on in their lives. Kabbalistic Astrology can also explain or reveal the reason for the path taken in a person’s life or where some of the inner drives exist and why they take us to where they do.
Astrology in the purest sense has absolutely nothing to do with the physical planets and stars themselves or their aspects because astrology, by definition, has to do with the astral world itself.
The governing powers and energies that are the unseen astral forces logically cannot be generated by physical planetary or stellar movement or positions. These emanations are carried to Earth by the light that is emitted or is reflected from them a particular heavenly body. Therefore, the Kabbalistic, Earth centric, or Ptolemaic model also represented the Celestial world and where the souls of the departed would temporarily go.
Everyone knows the benefits of knowing the times and benefits of sunrise, sunset, lunar phases, planetary alignment in relation to other planetary or stellar bodies and so on.
They have no relation to actual astrology even though it is popularly believed to be so in our times. But, no, the need to know Hebrew is not a prerequisite to knowing, understanding or implementing anything to do with either the Kabbalah or Kabbalistic Astrology and it never has.
It is not a prognosticator into what specific life circumstances might present themselves in an individual life. It is this study; the study of these spiritual forces and order, which is what Kabbalistic Astrology is and what mantic astrology is believed to be. The names of the theoretical channels connecting the Spheres of Sephiroth have not been included as they contribute little to most in comprehending Kabbalah conceptually as such.
Therefore, it is essential to clarify when the beginning of the year was assumed to take place. In fact all possibilities were taken into account and the information provided by the partial horoscopes was verified for all considered variants. Astrology has become very popular over the centuries thanks to the horoscopes that appear in newspapers and on Internet. This is NOT a physical depiction at all, it is however, a true depiction of the astral order around the Earth.
Additionally, although the complete structure is represented to the left; the spheres of Mars and Saturn are not part of the calculation because of the heaviness of these two spheres. For instance, if someone should want to make a chair; someone has to deliberately put their talents to work to physically assemble the necessary materials and put them together, otherwise a chair will not manifest.
The starting point is the exact time of Sun Rise which changes daily calculated in Standard Time. The beings in our Kabbalistic Horoscope can be likened unto a personal team of spiritual consultants that are available to an individual, consciously or unconsciously, throughout the course of their lives.
However, in many Gnostic and medieval, Christian mystical writings you will find Kabbalistic concepts very well explained by many authors, i.e. Understandably, some may dispute this fundamental point but, if we are to differentiate Kabbalistic astrology from other forms of astrology this pivotal point needs to be made. Yet, there is no conflict between the actual heliocentric planetary model and the Earth centric astral model because they are representing two entirely different concepts – one is an astral order, the other is the physical planetary reality. This idea seemed so complete and orderly that it was further reinforced with a rigid dogma based on a complete fantasy that was supported by neither spiritual nor material reality. Through this strictly materialistic knowledge and observations historically people have accurately predicted material effects and by taking advantage of them people would know the best times that was more favorable for performing practical and necessary tasks such as when to plant or harvest, preserve foods without preservatives, when to slaughter animals, the best times to fish, prepare and administer natural remedies to name a few. Much of the astrological information assumed to be associated with the properties of the physical planets has been taken from knowledge from spiritual evocation and spherical magic which is part of the Kabbalah.
A true Kabbalist however, is someone who can command the unseen forces of Creation at will – he can do much more than just talk about the Kabbalah. These specific properties are consistent from species to species and give a signature to the species which, out of which a name is often coined to describe the thing. On the left it is depicted more recently by Robert Fludd, to the right is the classical Hebrew depiction.
The heads oversee the work of their subordinates who in turn have their subordinates pertaining to that particular sphere. Nowadays, the new year starts on January 1st, but in old times there were many different conventions concerning the beginning of the year. Each of these zodiacs is divided into two parts, for each one of them we have two possible variants for the starting point of the procession, and consequently, for the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, in all the cases, with the only exception of the Athribis zodiacs, we've obtain a confirmation that indeed the Egyptian year started in September.
A detailed philosophical knowledge of Kabbalah is not necessary to use the Astrological Calculator.
They are the names formulated to define the principles that the Kabbalistic spheres represent and the planets are named after them by analogy according to the order of our Earth and its solar system. These fundamentally important distinctions are very seldom made and are what distinguishes Kabbalistic Astrology and in fact are the origin of all other forms of astrology. Kabbalistic Astrology deals directly with the specific influences that produce the “astrological” effects which are, in fact, actual beings; angels, intelligences, genii, etc.

Jakob Boehme, Robert Fludd, Franz Bardon etc., in keeping within the context of Christianity. They could, by applying their natural talents to both make a good living and satisfying the very natural need to externalize their inner vision; to realize their inner potential more easily and to the fullest.
The Kabbalah is the spiritual discipline out of which such things as numerology and what now passes for astrology have come out of.
In the same way as all objects, animate or inanimate have an effect on one another by their proximity to each other, the planets have an effect on life on Earth but, these effects are strictly physical and not at all astral in nature. The concentric astral spheres have their names from a higher more absolute source and represent the true structure of the astral hierarchy of powers and energies that govern all life on Earth. Or, if someone happens to make wine, they would know when to rack the wine in its various stages of fermentation to preserve it without needing a chemical stabilizer and so on. The Druids, the Ancient Egyptians and other cultures of the East all had a Kabbalistic tradition, even if they did not call it Kabbalah. If one should feel that they have no choice once here they might be comforted in knowing that the choices and agreements to their life’s circumstances were made by them before being born. Somewhere, the complete object must have an absolute name, that when uttered, brings it into being.
For example, year could start in March, September (what was very common in the middle ages) or another month. Surely, if the human beings on Earth through their activities produce all of the Earthly effects through their specific talents, it is not unreasonable to deduce that forces that might influence the matter of Earth and its animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms are guided or at least inspired through the activity of intelligent beings to produce the astrological effect. It is these beings who purposefully produce the effects according to their specific field of expertise, through their specific sphere or activity as part of what we might call Divine Providence.
It is also interesting to compare Kabbalistic Horoscopes with members of one’s immediate family and descendents to see what is reinforced or changes through generations as it helps to give a more complete picture of a person’s makeup.
Both Hebraic and Christian perspectives have the same origin but differ fundamentally in their conceptual depiction. We intuitively seek out like-minded people that mirror our inner self, we stumble to find acceptance within social circles, we might use Religion as a means towards this end and in the end often settle for whatever it takes to earn a living and perhaps have a family. This point cannot be emphasized enough, the physical stars and planets are not astral; they are entirely physical and although they are part of astronomy they cannot be part of astrology per se in the truest sense of the word.
Reading the resulting light spectrum yields the chemical make of the substance with remarkably precise accuracy. These particular observations are more accurately part of astronomy or astronomical observation. The calculation stands for ones entire earthly life span representing the gifts and their corresponding challenges one is blessed with during their sojourn on Earth. The power of a word to bring something into being should not be underestimated because when we speak to one another we communicate because our words create a picture in the mind of those we are speaking to. This was the model that was mistakenly taken as the Earth centric planetary model which of course it is not; (see the Kabbalistic Astrology and Regular Mantic Astrology Tab) it is an astral order that produces physical effects and is only analogous in name only to the planetary order but, completely unrelated to it. Everyone is assigned an aspect from every sphere when they draw their first breath at the moment of birth. Consequently, we have to answer the question, when in the ancient Egyptian tradition the new year was beginning?
For example, on the Small Esna zodiac (see Figure 2.18) the constellations and planets are shown in a form of a one long procession starting in Virgo. On the Big Esna zodiac the first constellation could be either Virgo, Leo or Pisces (see Figure 2.16).
These talents might be, working with wood, clay, electronics, animals, politics, healing, music, painting, love and so on. These pictorial representations may help in visualizing what it is that Kabbalistic astrology is actually dealing with. Many, even after having achieved these two fundamental objectives still find themselves hollow or empty for not having looked deeper into themselves to reach their fullest potential. This leads to the conclusion that the light carries within it the characteristic of the substance and each substance has a signature light frequency and colour band.
Consequently, the physical planets have been named in analogy to the astral spheres; not the other way around. The order of the spheres and the sephirothic order are one and the same; the former is English, the latter, Hebrew.
From that moment on the beings that are assigned to you follow and guide you in the course of your life.
Although the beginning of the zodiac was destroyed, from the remaining parts we can deduct that it was Virgo, i.e. In summary, we can conclude that the first constellation on these rectangular zodiac was most probably Virgo. That is to say that, in addition to the light itself there must be another extremely fine substance that is characteristic of the material that emanated it distinguishing its light from the light of all other things.
The spiritual world directing the astral world and the astral world presiding over the physical world; in that order from the highest down to the lowest. That is why Kabbalistic astrology is Kabbalistic, why what comes into being does so by being called forth by a Kabbalistic utterance from a Higher Governing Force, and why it is completely separate from what is commonly referred to as astrology. They are represented in a hierarchal sequence to explain the very important fundamental Kabbalistic structure and order. Anthropologists will attest that indigenous people still live by these observations that produce consistent results in spite of not appearing to have any scientific logic behind them. The guardian angels have an entirely different responsibility, whereas the angelic beings of the spheres impart attributes, the guardian angels guide spiritual maturity – two entirely different purposes. This conclusion does not contradicts the information provided by other zodiacs, except possibly the Athribis zodiacs (we will discuss this case later in Chapter 8). A sphere is symbolic is a three dimensional circle and has traditionally represented God or His hierarchal activity for thousands of years in all advanced cultures. When a life comes into the world it is a completely new thing and must be part of that already existing order and must be given a place with it that is beneficial to it and the already existing order. They gather and accumulate only that specifica that are sympathetic to their organization to build and sustain each of its part with.
Being made of their own very specific substances objects will manifest very specific properties and can also emit it. People, animals, plants, minerals, metals, planets and stars; all bodies have a particular emanation that is immediately around them or can be coaxed as through burning give up what they are made of.

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