Ehow reading tarot with playing cards

Separate the deck so that you end up with a deck of thirty-two cards, sevens, eights, nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces. Individually, the eight of hearts represents love, the eight of diamonds is money, the eight of clubs is a letter or phone call, the eight of spades is a situation at a different location from where you are.
Multiple kings represent legal papers or documents, anything from a deed or will to a traffic ticket. The important thing to remember is that you have free will, and you can always make changes.
They are NOT negative cards, but they may be advising you that you need to pay attention to a developing problem.
The ten of hearts means a party or entertainment, the ten of clubs represents an official building or a hospital, the ten of spades means that something will happen in the afternoon or evening, and the ten of diamonds represents a large amount of money.
The queen of hearts is a blonde woman, the queen of clubs is a brown haired woman, the queen of spades is a dark woman, and the queen of diamonds is a very fair, red haired, or gray haired woman.

The king of hearts is a blonde man, the king of clubs is a brown haired man, the king of spades is a dark man, and the king of diamonds is a very fair, red haired or gray haired man. If you need a signifactor for your layout, choose the queen or king that fits the person's coloring.
Every coin has two sides, and it usually makes more sense to see the positive side of the situation, while being aware that there are areas where caution may be needed.
The nine of diamonds is the card of surprise, the nine of spades can be an argument or disagreement, the nine of clubs is communication with new information, and the nine of hearts is your heart's desire or your wish. The jack of hearts represents either a stranger or a lover (or both!), the jack of diamonds is an untrustworthy person, the jack of spades is an unmarried person, and the jack of clubs is a friend. The 52-card deck originally came from the 78 card tarot deck, and it can be used for many of the same things. The ace of diamonds usually means a gift or a card, the ace of clubs is communication, and the ace of spades indicates a large town or city.

The map only tells me where I'm headed, but I'm free to change directions or turn in a different place than I originally planned.
Learning to read cards is an ongoing process, and you don't need to be in a hurry about it. You can turn more cards over to get additional information, three above and three below, for a total of nine.

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