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The Internet has found it’s newest hero and it should come with no surprise this hero comes in the form of a stray cat that had gone by the name of Corey.
First McCombs was told Corey had been adopted, but she was then alerted that the original family had decided not to adopt the feline star.
After McCombs sealed the deal on Corey’s adoption, next up was picking a more suitable name.
I wonder if there are other interpretations, similar to those about FORD – Found On the Road Dead, or First On Race Day.
It shows a path that car-makers today dare not take: spirited and requiring attention to drive. Corey went from needing a home from the Monmouth County SPCA to being seen in homes around the country in a matter of hours. Not only was Corey on his way to Internet stardom, he had also won over the heart of McCombs.
Next McCombs had to figure out how to get from Brooklyn to New Jersey, where the adoption center that had Corey was located.

Note: I write up driving impressions of virtually every car I photograph within a couple of days of the drive, so everything is fresh in my memory. Many testimonials have been written about the comfort and effectiveness of socks made by WrightSock.
What followed was almost 24 hours of ups and downs before McCombs would finally be united with her kitty Hollywood star lookalike. Upon arriving at the adoption center, McCombs found another woman was already looking at Corey.
Occasionally, because of the constraints of format, the prepared text doesn’t run in the print magazines. Now, thanks to the joys of the blogosphere and its limitless space, we can feature it here.
The car is extremely fast and many consider it the finest cornering car ever to grace US highways.
Andy is right in that they had little steel – you could saw through the body with ease.

WrightSock anti-blister double layer running lo-quarter sock is the sock that serious runners demand.
Look out the windscreen, and the sloping hood with round lights ahead of raised fenders suggest Porsche 911; the road opens up ahead of you. Rear visibility isn’t terrific, however, with those fat B-pillars making lane-changes and merging with traffic a bit tricky.
The exhaust note is similarly propulsive, adding soundtrack and the aura of speed when there is, perhaps, not as much as you feel—though it’s never sharp-edged or snotty.
Your proximity to the ground (you’re so low that, even in bright yellow like this, the surrounding SUVs in traffic could miss you in their windows and mirrors) adds to the feeling of speed. The shifter requires only a flick of the wrist to change up and down—anyone who’s used an Atari 2600 joystick will recall the range of movement, except the Lotus’ shifter actually feels like it’s attached to something.

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