Engel dc to dc charger

Click the button below to add the AC Adapter for Engel DC Fridge-Freezers to your wish list. This adaptor is only applicable for the following two Engel Fridge Freezer models MD14F and MHD13F-DM. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.

This new Engel model features a new quieter, more efficient and longer life compressor with a new taller lid.
They are great for people on the move - all you need is a 12 Volt power supply - from your vehicles battery. Engel MD14F a€“ another winner from Engel, a leading manufacturer of 12 Volt Refrigerators We are your one stop shop for 12 volt coolers, warmers, refrigerators and freezers.
All you need is either a 12 Volt power source, like a car battery, or household 110 Volt supply.

The Engel swing compressor is internationally patented and is considered the MOST RELIABLE compressor on the market today, as it contains only one moving part. Choose your temperature with the control setting and enjoy ice-free chilled or frozen food and it only draws 2.5 Amps at the freeze setting.

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