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You could also use the free Adobe Digital Editions software (use CTRL-O to add ePubs to the in-app library) to read them on a computer (Windows and Mac OS), but it's a little weird sometimes. To open them on an Android device you'll need to install a reader app like WordPlayer, FBReader, or Aldiko. If you have just about any other device the books should just work, assuming you know how to load them on! You can upload pictures (or video or audio!) into your book by clicking the "Choose File" link at the top and then clicking "Save Changes Now!".
Although you can upload just about any file format (including PDF, doc, and all manners of ebooks), the output of ePub Bud will always be .epub. Simply make sure your book's sharing is set to public or unlisted then send them the sharing link URL! They will be able to read the book online by clicking on its cover, or download the .epub file to read in any number of readers! If you set your book to be a chapter book, a table of contents will automatically be created with each chapter named the first line of text from the chapter.

You can set those chapters titles to whatever you'd like by clicking "edit book" for your book, and then entering the chapter title you'd like at the top for each chapter! The epub file generated will strip the _ s out automatially and correctly nest the chapters for nice display in all ereaders! All the books up on ePub Bud have been contributed by other users, we don't do any sort of screening or filtering of the content. Once it's processed, it will be on your account, which means you can edit it by clicking "edit book"!
Actually, we no longer suppor this, because YouTube kept changing how they were storing their mp4s.
Keep in mind, the iBookstore will require your epub pass this online validator to be approved for sale.
The international ISBN agency does say you need to have a different ISBN for all different versions of your book, including electronic. If you determine you do need an ISBN for your ebook, we sell them for any use for $19 each.

After I register my ISBN(s) using your site, how do I verify the information is in Bowker's database? Also, BookDaily seems to have some kind of bug in their ISBN form that sometimes gives an erroneous error saying our ISBNs are "invalid". Minecraftby Cole BengsonMinecraft Counting on Steveby Carter Coletrmibby William ColeThe Boy Who Cried Ug!
This was 19 search results for "cole"There were 2 adult-only results of your search that we showed because you certified you were over 18.
If you don't already have one (it technically shouldn't be the same as one you might have for a physical copy of your book), we can provide you one for $19 if you want.
Don't worry though, that fact does not convey any rights to us, nor does it affect your ability to do anything you'd like with your book (or the ISBN), publish it anywhere, keep all royalties for yourself, etc, etc..

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