Evo 7 number plate holder

The new holder uses 2 of the original bolts to sit back into place and then 1 discreet small self tapper is supplied to hold the holder tight to the bumper. Please Note : 1 x OEM number plate holder hole will still be visible after installation which is on the front nose area.
The tail tidy fully integrates with the sporting lines of your Panigale and is easy to fit, using the Ducati's existing mountings. You won't have to modify your bike in any way and all fixings, a discreet LED rear number plate light included in the kit. The rear light is undisturbed and the rear indicators are re-positioned, so fitting the tail tidy is simple. The company Duc store is not an authorized Ducati dealer , so this is not an official Ducati site. The term Ducati Desmo Ducati Corse and Ducati logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Ducati Holding.

Thought it was about time I posted a few pictures on my Evo IX GT as I haven?t posted any since buying it back in August 07. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.
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Abonnez-vous A  mercedes pour obtenir des alertes par e-mail ainsi que des mises A  jour sur votre fil shopping. Once installed the full aggressive shape of the nose feature can be seen without any number plate covering a bit of it as it used to do. Just remove Original Plate and then remove OEM holder by removing the 3 bolts that hold it into place. However in some cases these can be seized and front bumper maybe needed to be removed to allow access to loosen the bolts by providing grip to the rubber grommet nutserts behind.

We ahve tried our best to make the holder as neat & flush to the bumper as possible like OEM. On our blue vehicle we have used a Xtreme Carbon front bumper cover which looks awesome as well as covering the hole and tow eye.
However working with GRP is difficult and in some cases a good bodyshop may need to get holder flush before painting by slight sanding down.

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