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Eyebrow threading originated in the Far East because of the fact that the women had no money for metal equipment such as scissors and tweezers. Hema Begun Permanent Makeup Artist at Tracie Giles in Knightsbridge was formerly at Harrods. I have a love hate relationship with my eyebrows and have tried many products in the past to help improve the look of them, my two favourite being the HD Brow Palette and Benefit’s Brow Zings.
Like the HD Palette and Benefit Brow Zings, the Makeup Revolution version is also in black packaging, with a handy mirror in the lid. It also comes with a tiny metal tweezers and a small angled brush which is perfect for applying the clear wax and then mixing together the powders to create your chosen shade. As just a fraction of the cost of a HD Brows Palette or the Benefit Brow Zings, the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit is amazing value for money, especially as it does the job just as well as the more high end versions. All in all, for ?2.50 I would highly recommend that those looking for eyebrow shaping kits, give this a try.
We had the pleasure of having model Abigail Ratchford in our salon for an eyebrow makeover. As you have already got some ideas about your face shapes and the solutions, the next thing you should know is where your brows sit. Threading is also traditionally used for other areas of the body which is mostly popular in Thailand.

One end of the thread is held in between the teeth of the technician and the other end in her left hand if she is right handed. Threading can give an ultra precise line and shape to the brow which tweezing and waxing cannot achieve. Hema combines threading with semi permanent eyebrows to achieve perfectly symmetrical stunning brows. I also find it easier to use as the Makeup Revolution version has a clear wax, whereas the Benefit wax is dark and my HD Brows Palette doesn’t have any wax.
I think as long as you know how to put it on, it doesn’t matter on the price a lot of the time! You should find the precise positions where you brows begin and end and where the arch or top is.
The twist grips the hairs and pulls the hairs out giving the thread a vice like grip on the hair.
It can also enable us to pick out ingrown hairs and let us take out the entire hair from the root without snap the hair. She could not be any happier with the results; the final product looks booth natural and even better than before!

At the beginning, you may not be so familiar and the lines of your brows may be strange and unnatural.
But, you will find a best brow shape for yourself as you try different kinds of brow shapes. Together these techniques allow us to perfect the shape with natural looking 3D hair strokes put in with cosmetic tattooing and using only pure mineral pigments. For women who don’t have bangs and with all-back hairstyles, it’s quite important to have great brows.
Appropriate brows make women charming and spirited while wrong or ugly brows make women a frown crown all day.

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