Eyebrow pen superdrug

5A : Our company specializes in producing and selling high quality tattoo products with factory price. 7A : All of tattoo goods are made from Eco material and they are nuisanceless to health and environment. Mei-cha professional permanent makeup machine pen for, Mei-cha professional permanent makeup machine pen for eyebrow eyeline lip embroidery tattoo for girl and woman. Tattoo eyebrow needle permanent makeup manual pen needle --permanent makeup needle for the embroidary pen use,14 flat needle,5 pieces per pack.100pieces per box use it to permanent makeup the eyebrow,it's easy and fast.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

If you are not satisfied with this item after receiving within 7 days, you can send it back to us. The buyer should contact us for return address before despatch the parcel, and the buyer should tell us the shipping details and the estimated arrival time.
For the item with 1 or 2 years free manufacture maintenance warranty, we are free to provide any parts with free postage. Please note: if the original condition items returned with damage, no matter how, we need 10%-50% depreciation charge, depending on the damage.
If the item repair need return-to-factory service, normally unlikely, the buyer should pay the freight out and home.

No refunds will be given on items that have been used; you can only exchange the item at that point.
Any other questions just feel free to contact us, surely, our team will do a better job for you.

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