Eyebrow pencil for blonde hair quiz

I bought the lightest shade, Blond Clair (in the former Crayon Sourcils, I used Taupe, which is swatched third from the right in the line-up here. I find the new Chanel Crayon Sourcils slightly waxier and creamier than the dryer, older formula.
Here are swatches of Chanel Blond Clair and the discontinued Chanel Taupe, together with Shu’s Hard Formula in Seal Brown.

Overall, I find that the new Crayon Sourcils has excellent staying power, is very easy to use, and looks very natural once brushed over. Mini applicator brushes on natural-looking colour that resists smudging, sweat and humidity. Perfume Click is one of the leading online retailers of fragrance and beauty products in the UK.

Like the older Crayon Sourcils Precision Brow Definer pencil (now gone from Chanel’s website), the pencil is wood with a useful brow brush on one end.

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