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COLOR SHOW® NAIL LACQUERChip Free Nail Color, Straight from the Shows in 48 ShadesMAKEUP TIPSGet the latest makeup looks with Maybelline's exclusive tips and tutorials for your eyes, face, lips & nails. EYESTUDIO® BROW DRAMA™Tinted gel mousse + ball brushEYE STUDIO® COLOR TATTOO® LEATHERCream eye shadow. Makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar will show you quick and easy ways to go from clean and luminous to dangerously magnetic with our new Color Tattoo Metals collection.

Let mega-luscious, soft yet dense lashes lead the way and show you how done up eyes can carry any mood. Im Asian with a jet black hair & my eyebrow are really dark but using the darker shade they have now just doesnt work for me.

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