Eyebrow pencil on beard

Recently NUDESTIX launched eyebrow products for the first time- which made me super excited! I really like the angled shape of the Stylus Pencil, it makes it easy and quick to draw brows on. Each of these products retail for $24, and you can find NUDESTIX at  Sephora, or at Beautylish.

I really wish they had a more taupe color, as sometimes I feel that the redness in the brows doesn’t suit me. I absolutely LOVE the eyebrow gel, I wish they would launch it by itself without the pencil because it’s great. The eyebrow gel has a super strong hold so I can actually feel it on my brows, as opposed to eyebrow gels that feel like they do nothing.

The eyebrow wax is a soft clear wax that you can use on your brows as is or over some pencil or powder.

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