Eyebrow pencils similar to mac

Eyebrow pencils are a vital part of many women’s toolkits, but the chemicals inside of them can cause stains that are really difficult to get rid of.
Brush or blot away any excess eyebrow pencil residue, taking care not to spread the stain to other parts of your clothing or to make it larger. Flush the area with a dry-cleaning solvent and then apply a dry spotter to the stain, covering that spotter with a wet cloth.
In some very unfortunate circumstances, you may get eyebrow pencil stains on a leather jacket or belt. Because most women do their makeup in the morning, stains are common on different articles of clothing, whether they are fabric or leather.

Thankfully, the process of eliminating these stains are quite simple, even if you’ve waited until the end of your day to try and get rid of them. Make sure to do this thoroughly to eliminate any ammonia traces, and put in the laundry as soon as you can. At this point, you should notice that the eyebrow pencil stains have been significantly reduced, if not completely gone. If this is the case, take corn meal (or some other absorbent, whatever you have around the house) and sprinkle it over the affected area. This usually eliminates the problem the first time, but more set-in stains may take another go.

It may have to sit overnight in some cases, depending on how badly the stain set into the piece of leather.

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