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The Brazilian wax hair removal treatment removes the front, sides, back and everything in between, often leaving only a strip of hair in the front, or none at all. Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa offers two kinds of body wax: Blue hard wax one-of-a-kind who has less irritation, does not damage the skin, and painless. Low-temperature creamy Brazilian-style soft wax perfect for face and full body Brazilian waxing and especially sensitive areas.
Blue hard wax is a one-of-a-kind wax, which causes less irritation, less damage to skin, and is painless. We offer Brazilian bikini waxing for men, and target the most intimate area for longer lasting hair removal. Experience a smooth pain free waxing technique with the desirable Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa Brazilian Bikini Waxing hair removal treatment. Get an extra 15% off local restaurants, spas, salons, and more to use within 48 hours of your Goods order!
Eyebrow waxing is a great way of creating a balance in your face and accentuating your eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing is a semi permanent process of eyebrow hair removal that gets rids of hair from its root.
Most of these professional spars and salons for waxing eyebrows can offer consultation in case you have no idea since they have trained and experienced professionals. To some people, eyebrow waxing at home is a daunting task and they would rather go to a professional salon. Professional salons have experts who are both experienced with some of them being licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician.
Some of the professionals working in eyebrow waxing spas could help in designing your eyebrows as you wish. Professional eyebrow waxing comes at a cost of around $5 to $50 depending on the nature of salon, location and expertise. Although home brow waxing will take longer, around 20 minutes, you should not be worried since it is not done daily but once in a few weeks. There are many other benefits of home eyebrow waxing especially those that related to the fact that you are in control.
If you are not good with stencils and you don’t know what shape you want, it is not recommended to do eyebrow waxing or plucking. Salon waxing will cost you from $8 to $50all depends how much work time it will require as the professional will have to shape your eyebrows, estimate the proportions, and groom for a finished look. Waxing is said to impair the sensitive skin around the eyes but so does plucking if performed too often.
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Spa gift certificates are a convenient and affordable way to share the gift of a luxurious spa treatment.
More effective than shaving, Brazilian waxing is one of the most popular waxing hair removal treatments, targeting full body areas such as the legs, arms, back, shoulders, abdomen, facial wax, underarms, and bikini line. Loosen yourself and face your greatest fear in very relaxing intimate surroundings of Philadelphia’s best Brazilian waxing spa.
Our certified, internationally trained estheticians will provide you with a pleasant Brazilian waxing experience, in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Our professionally skilled estheticians use warm soothing hair removal waxes, soft and hard, for your comfort and pain free Brazilian Bikini Waxing experience.
Our back wax hair removal allows men to have that smooth, refined look at all times without too much irritation. Our chest wax hair removal allows men to have that smooth, refined look at all times without too much irritation. Specially made Rejuvalux Body Klinic Day Spa waxes and skillful estheticians will remove all unwanted hair at the root and leave your legs flawless up to three to four weeks. Obliterate unwanted hair and prepare bodies for summer, enjoying divine silkiness with one, two or three visits for a Brazilian wax and eyebrow wax.
It is semi-permanent because eventually after around 2 to 8 weeks, the plucked eyebrow hair will grow back. This is not a bad idea; however, if you want the most professional looks, going to professional eyebrow waxing salon is a brilliant idea. Some do offer other eyebrow grooming services such as eyebrow shaping, eyebrow dying, eyebrow tinting, eyebrow threading, and so on. We are going to cover a lot more about it including how to wax eyebrows, kits for waxing eyebrows, tips, secrets and advises to ensure you look amazing. Prepare the skin by applying ice on the waxing area; wipe clean not to leave any moisture because then the wax won’t work. For that you need a steady hand, a good eye to see how much hair to remove and how much to leave to preserve or achieve a decent shape. So be careful with at-home waxing, if you’re not sure about your waxing abilities take it to the professional.
Despite the fact the information is carefully selected postings may contain inaccuracy and cannot be used without a prior consultation. Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa assures our guests will have the most comfortable waxing hair removal experience.
Low-temperature creamy Brazilian-style soft wax perfect for face and full body and especially sensitive areas. Through the male Brazilian bikini waxing treatment, men can reap the same hygienic benefits and longer lasting smooth, non irritant, hairless skin.

We try to aim for the least amount of discomfort for the client by using European Soft Wax or hard wax upon guest’s request. Eyebrow tinting is a very common procedure that helps bring life to eyebrows by creating an illusion of thickness and dimension for natural vital look. Waxing is not only done to eyebrows but also other hairs including leg, face, arms, back, abdomen, bikini area, etc. However, you should not assume that a licensed professional would necessarily do the best job. However, this time will be longer if you need special refining or your eyebrows are not easy to shape. However, you need to have the right skill for removing the hairs you want removed while leaving the rest.
It is best to do this beauty treatment at a beauty salon, but you can also do it at home by using special waxing stencils. Le Reve Day Spa Gift Cards provide indulgent experiences year round and are perfect for any occasion.
Our professional esthetician’s will take the best care of you and your body by providing as little pain and discomfort as possible. Ensure you look at the works a certain expert has done before or get referrals from family and friends. If you do not see your best eyebrow waxing kit, this list is subjective and not all-inclusive. Slightly press it against your skin and then pull against the hair growth firmly and parallel to your skin.
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This waxing treatment leaves your half legs cleanly sculpted after removing the hair at the root.
This is one of the easiest areas to wax because it is not particularly sensitive and the hair is not deeply rooted. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so prior to 24 hours before your appointment.

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