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Be the first to hear about our product launches, makeup lips, exclusive news, interviews, and events. A khol pencil with an exceptionally smooth texture that can be used to achieve diverse looks, from dramatic to subtle. Try moving your flick up from the corner of the eye, into the eye socket to frame the crease. Instead of trying to do a smoky eye without ruining your foundation (why does it go everywhere?) opt for eyeliner over the lid and around the eye. Thick Amy Winehouse-style wings, and dotted bottom lashes have distracted me from Cara Delevingne‘s eyebrows.
Using liquid liner in your crease usually makes you look like you have two sets of eyebrows. This will take a steady hand (or a template) but if it saves you from spending 50 minutes and 8 cotton balls, then the extra preparation time is worth it.
Something I’ve come to anticipate from pencil eyeliners is that they can smudge and fade easily. Creates a soft, natural-looking effect while making my eyes look a little wider and more awake. It feels kinda hard so a little pulling on the skin may be involved (but not enough to bother me).

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. Even though it’s tempting to walk around with your eyes closed to show off your new look, you do need to open your eyes.
Make sure your pencil is very sharp, or if you’re using a liquid, pick the finest tip possible. Blend the liner with some shadow and you don’t have to worry about correcting all those wobbly sections.
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Some days ago I reviewed a product from another subsidiary of Kanebo, which is¬†Lavshuca, and while that line is also affordably priced, it featured cutesy packaging whereas Kate is all in black and silver, and I think caters to women who prefer their beauty stuff sleeker-looking. It’s not creamy or smudgy at all so to get a solid line I have to go over my lid or certain areas a few times. It made my eyes look a little wider, while still looking natural and I think looks nice for daytime makeup. Can’t remember the exact cost but it was probably HKD 50 or less, converted around PhP 300. And if you also prefer rather subtle, natural-looking pencil eyeliner that stays put, get your hands on this if you can.

This silky-smooth formula delivers dense, even and blendable pigment, so lining your lids super-close to the lash line (without that annoying gap) just got easy.
I bought the Kate Eyeliner Pencil at Sasa in Hong Kong to try out the Kate brand and have another pencil liner in my stash. Using the twist-up mechanism I’m able to control how long or how much product sticks out.
I can’t wait to go back to Hong Kong and buy another tube of this as well as check out the other Kate products. It took us a few good beauty tips (who would have thought that the secret to getting a straight edge was was a tissue?) and a lot of practice and eye makeup remover to get reasonably symmetrical cat eyes. Available in three new shades.Colors featured in the Black Velvet collection include Black, Black Chocolate and Black Plum. There’s a multitude of different ways you can play around with your basic cat eye shape.

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