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Therefore confess you sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. Ia€™m talking about those times when you are thrown into a state of panic about things that concern you a€” such as your family, your friendships, your business, or your finances.
Very often this state of panic is caused by the mere thought of a problem that doesna€™t even exist and is unlikely ever to come to pass. Soon you find yourself sinking into such a strong state of worry and anxiety that it literally takes you emotionally hostage!A An example would be a wife or mother who worries endlessly about the health of her husband or children. Although in reality they are as healthy as can be, the devil constantly pounds thewomana€™s mind with fear-filled thoughts about her loved ones getting sick or dying prematurely. ThisA fear acts like a stranglehold that gradually chokes off her life, paralyzing her until she can no longer function normally in her daily responsibilities.A Or have you ever known a successful businessman who lives in constant terror that he is going to lose his money?
Establishing a relationship with God is no more complicated than establishing a relationship with a friend. Contrary to what you may of read or heard, God does not require you to do any “heavy lifting”, there are no steps to follow, tests to take or even any rituals you have to perform for Him. All God wants you to do is hear (or read) the Gospel (“Good News”) and just BELIEVE.The power of hearing and believing the Gospel leads to salvation, for everyone who believes. But because the devil struck their minds with worry and anxiety about losing it all, they werena€™t able to enjoy the success God had given them.
Jesus says in John 6:35 (see below) that if you come to Him you will never “hunger” for anything and if you BELIEVE you will never “thirst” (have desires that are not met).
Instead of enjoying Goda€™s goodness and His many blessings in their lives, they often lived like beggars, afraid that if they used what they had, theymight lose it. I must admit that Ia€™ve had moments in my own life when Ia€™ve prayed more out of fretfulness than out of faith.

My life is void of any happiness or peace and no matter how often I pray or try to change things, nothing seems to change for me.
Friend, you are not experiencing the “fullness of God” because of your effort or anything you are not doing. If you have children then you can try to imagine taking their life as God did for you (us) with His Son, Jesus Christ. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’God, the Creator of the Universe specifically tells you not to be afraid that He is always with you.
He freely provides you strength and wisdom to get through anything that life throws at you each and every day. The word a€?chokea€? is the Greek wordA sumpnigo, which meansA to suffocate, to smother, to asphyxiate, to choke, or to throttle. God has awesome plans for you, He promises to protect you and wants you to know your future is bright.
This time, however, it is used in connection with the word a€?life,a€? which is the Greek wordA biotikos. Grace is God’s undeserved and unmerited favor poured out for you by His son Jesus Christ at the Cross. It’s available to all who have faith and believe.Bible Verse Of The Day – A Psalm of David –An All-encompassing Bible Verse Of The Day-If you ever wondered what the heart of our God is like, Psalm 23 beautifully depicts the True God. But when it becomes the word biotikos, it describes the things of life a€” pertaining primarily to the events, incidents, and episodes that occur in onea€™s life.A Thus, this phrase could be understood to mean that we should not allow ourselves to worryA and fret about the events, incidents, or episodes that occur in life. No matter how many times I read this passage, it always “stirs” the Holy Spirit who dwells in me (and you) and makes me feel how blessed and loved I am.
Paul is also tellingA us not to let the events of life get to us and throw us into a state of anxiety or panic.

Can you think of a single time when worry and fretfulness ever helped make a situation better? Doesna€™t worry serve only to keep you emotionallytorn up and in a state of panic?A I urge you to put an end to worry today, once and for all. If you let worry start operating in you even for a moment, it will try to become a habitual part of your thought life, turning you intoa a€?worriera€? who never knows a moment of peace.A Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father right now, interceding for you continually. I’m having some issues and feeling forgotten by my God who loves and care for me, I was inspired by the song.
Jesus understands every emotion, every frustration, and every temptation you could ever face (Hebrews 2:18). RatherA than try to manage those anxieties and needs all by yourself, go to Him and surrender everythingA into His loving, capable hands. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I am tired of livingA in this continual state of worry and fear about bad things that might happen.
What is the one area in your life where Satan most often strikes your mind and emotions with fear, fretfulness, and anxiety? For you to get out of fear and to walk in peace, what steps do you need to take in your life?
In other words, what do you need to do differently than you are doing right now in order for you to move into a place of constant peace?A 3.

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