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People are always talking about how hard it is to find a good guy, but nowadays, it's hard to even find a good person. When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, that's when you know you have healed.Be curious, not judgemental.
The reason so many people give up is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come.

To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness. The reason people suffer is because they’re always trying to find stability and permanence in a world of things – when the world of things is totally impermanent. Don’t ever let your possessiveness, insecurities, and jealousy dominate you, for it could be the reason to lose the person whom you love the most. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.

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