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There are over 8 million people in London and so many different ways to connect with each other, yet many of us feel disconnected and even isolated. Work colleagues, even close friends and family, are often kept at a distance because you are scared to let them see who you really are so, you show them who you think they want to see and that leaves you feeling empty and wondering if this is all there is. Who you are and what matters to you are the very reasons why people will want to connect with you. When you learn how to connect deeply with your people, your personal and professional life will know no limits! At the talk, not only will you learn the concepts that will have you go away able to find your people and connect deeply but, you will also get an experience of using them on the night.
For a large part of his life he was anxious, lazy, depressed and addicted to one thing or another.

He is passionate about his family and has built his life and business around his amazing 100 year old grandma and his incredible mum, who he is proud to support. Meet up groups are more popular than ever and designed to bring people closer but how often have you made truly deep connections that could last a lifetime? You can create deep connections that will have you feeling fulfilled, energised and will lead to powerful friendships and incredible relationships. Thata€™s right; you get to experiment with making deep connections during the talk; so there is potential for you to make a lifelong friend, colleague or lover right there!
Over the past few years he has taken himself from that place to where he is now: passionate, excited, fulfilled and full of wonderment. He works with small business owners, CEOs, elite athletes, corporate employees, professional coaches or anyone he is excited by.

I love that idea of feeling fine with deliberate driving people away :-) I honestly think that we do spend far too much time on trying to please, pretend or act just to get others attention or even a temporary approval.
If you need to cancel your ticket then you can attend another event instead (subject to availability) the same value. You can add yourself to the list and when someone cancels you will be sent an email notification. He gets them to see what they cannot, to create far more than they ever dreamed possible and overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

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