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Just like you would when making any other big decisions, like finding a good doctor, take the time to shop around. Do you need a trainer who is willing to motivate you with positive encouragement or are you looking for firm, drill sergeant-esque motivation?
In additional to national certifications, many gyms have programming specific to their gym that trainers go through prior to starting work. Personal trainers cover many different exercise and health genres, from current health trends to classic  strength training. You’ve found a few candidates, their certifications are on par, and you like their teaching style. You can hire the best, most-sought after personal trainer in the industry, but if you aren’t willing to put in what they give out, you won’t get the results you desire.
Your trainer won’t be there to make sure you get out of bed at 6:00am, or nix that third glass of wine the night before a workout, but they will make you work! Hasta hace poco, contar con la ayuda de un entrenador personal parecia estar tan solo al alcance de algunas celebrities y de los personajes famosos mas adinerados. Sin embargo, las cosas han cambiado mucho gracias a la labor de emprendedores que han puesto en marcha proyectos que tu puedes traer hasta Espana y que permiten disponer de los servicios de un entrenador personal con total comodidad y por un modico precio.
Un ejemplo de ello lo encontramos en Find your trainer, una plataforma web nacida en Nueva York (Estados Unidos) y fundada por los emprendedores David Hung y Evan Karp. La mision de Find your trainer es dar al usuario la oportunidad de encontrar al entrenador personal perfecto y de reservar una sesion a un precio asequible en solo tres clics y sin tener que mantener una conversacion con un comercial.
De este modo, las personas que desean adelgazar o mantenerse en forma pueden contar con los servicios de entrenadores personales sin que su bolsillo se resienta mientras estos profesionales del deporte aumentan su cartera de clientes.

Una vez que el usuario contrata a un entrenador personal, puede seguir sus recomendaciones en su propia casa o, si lo prefiere, en un gimnasio local o en un parque al aire libre. Si te animamos a emprender con una propuesta como Find your trainer en Espana es porque este proyecto ya se ha convertido en un exito en Estados Unidos.
De hecho, los fundadores de este portal web dedicado al deporte ya han recaudado un total de 1,5 millones de dolares en capital semilla. Asimismo, es importante destacar que Find your trainer ya se ha expandido por mas de 300 ciudades de Norteamerica, por lo que deberas darte prisa si quieres crear una plataforma como esta en nuestro pais. Los emprendedores necesitan las mejores herramientas para poder dedicarse y focalizarse a su negocio. Tech Sales Center ofrece Oficinas y despachos para empresas en el area de la Tecnologia e Innovacion. Find the best personal trainer NYC, yoga instructor, NY pilates instructor, nutritionist, or health coach, in your New York City zip code, that meets your needs and goals on NeighborhoodTrainers.. You’re ready to make a change, get in shape, and take your health and wellness to the next level. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the number of professional trainers will jump nearly 25 percent by 2020—it can sometimes seem overwhelming to find the right match for your style, fitness, and goals. They are responsible to guide you on an appropriate fitness and wellness regimen that matches your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, as well help you stay confident and motivated. Aaron Rodgers, the Personal Training Manager at Equinox in Highland Park, says good qualities to look for in a trainer are energy and a personality that suits your style. At Equinox, personal trainers must participate in the Equinox Fitness Training Institute courses that focus on exercise and cardiovascular physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedic injury, nutrition and program design.

You know you can do it—we know you can do it—but this time, you want that extra push, spout of encouragement, and reason to stay accountable. Not to mention, the average price per hour of a personal trainer is a whopping $28 per hour. If you are planning on meeting their trainers, ask to have some face time with each person and prepare a few questions or know what you are looking for. The top recognized certifications in the industry include National Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine programs. The end result, according to the mission, is a personal trainer who is able to design a program specific to the unique needs and goals of the gym’s members.
First, brush away any insecurities looming that may keep you from opening up to your trainer about goals, needs, and concerns. The NSCA’s Certified Special Population Specialist program enables potential trainers to provide an individualized approach, as well as access, motivate, educate, and train while focusing on individual needs—sounds like a solid personal trainer style to us. Lee Boyce, a Toronto-based strength and condition coach, as well as fitness writer, warns trainer-seekers about candidates who preach trendy or fad workout styles in a Men’s Fitness article.

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