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Your Online Resource for NUMEROLOGY … We will send your certification as soon as possible once we have reviewed your test materials and given a passing score. Please contact Chaldean Numerology Online for ANY questions related to this product or purchase. Our choices are 418, 408 that are both facing sunrise & 618 that faces sunset.We're about to choose 408. Tan,Much appreciation for your question and your interest in our website!Congratulations on your new condo unit!

But look after your liver and manage your work stress.For the second part of your question, about the condo built for 2014, the seventh floor is good. Stay humble even when success is at hand.If you go with unit 414, it is best to move in only in the winter months. Here is what Ding says about your new condo unit:Hi Allie,The unit number is not really important in the study of Feng Shui. Out of the eight major directions, you really do have half of the unit that is good for you. Having said that, since they made up of half the unit, sometimes it is unavoidable to use them as a bedroom.

Just make sure your headboard points to the favorable directions.A Feng Shui is a complicated system much like an onion.
What I have shown you is just the most basic but very practical method called the Eight Mansions.
Most Feng Shui practitioners set these eight sectors in order first before they look at other things in more details.

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