Find out what number you are in numerology

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It is believed that a pure white longhaired cat named Josephine was bred to both a seal mitted male with birman markings and a sable (brown) colored cat that resembled a Burmese in coloration, and the offspring from these matings were the foundation of the breed. Ann insisted Josephine's genes were altered at a nearby medical center where she was taken after being hit by a car. After her recovery, all of her kittens had the limp, loving personalities ragdolls are known for, but prior to her hospitalization, her kittens were supposedly not different at all. As time went on, Ann Baker's statements and claims about the breed became strange, and much harder to believe. She publicized statements outlining how Ragdoll cats have human genes in them, that they are immune to pain and that they represent a link between us and space aliens.
The breeders once loyal to her began having doubts about how to develop the breed without losing its integrity. Because of this, several breeders broke off from Ann Baker and continued breeding Ragdolls for what they are - highly affectionate and consistently patterned companions.A Denny and Laura Dayton were instrumental figures in the history and development of the breed.
After breaking away from Ann Baker, they fought hard to make the breed legitimate and acceptable by cat fanciers' standards. The Daytons succeeded and in 1967, the Ragdoll breed was first recognized in the United States. Denny Dayton is the originator of RFCI (Ragdoll Fanciers Club International), the most reputable and highly respected Ragdoll cat registry in the world.

Ann Baker went on with her breeding program but her stand, in relation to the breed's growth and acceptance, was that of anger and bitterness. In 1971, Baker created her own cat registry & association known as IRCA (International Ragdoll Cat Association). The Daytons and the other breeders, however, did not feel that the restrictions placed upon the use of the name applied to them because they had purchased their cats prior to the time of the patent.
She will be remembered for her persistent battle to promote the breed although many of the methods she used in doing so remain questionable.A PersonalityPersonality is what matters, and the Ragdoll is named for its temperament. The Ragdoll is supposed to be like a child's ragdoll and many will go limp in your arms and flop like a stuffed doll when cuddled.
If you are looking for a very active cat or a talkative cat, a Ragdoll probably is not the breed for you, although kittens and young adults can be very rambunctious and most Ragdolls are always willing to play.
Ragdolls are known for their tolerant attitudes with other animals and especially children and many will allow themselves to be dressed in doll clothes and carried around by youngsters with absolutely no resistance. They are often compared to dogs because of their friendliness and intelligence and have even been taught to play fetch.A TraitsRagdolls are one of the largest breeds of cats, and are slow to mature physically, obtaining full growth between 3 and 4 years of age. Remember, all animals, including humans, do shed their hair, so expect some shedding in the spring and fall.
It is so soft that it just sits on top of the surface instead of working it's way into fabric and is therefore, easy to pick up.
The Ragdoll requires little routine grooming, although they should be brushed or combed weekly to remove dead hair from their coats. During shedding season, be sure to watch for some tangles under the armpits in some cats.A All pointed Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes. Ragdolls come in 4 patterns - colorpoint, bicolor, mitted and lynx which is tabby markings that can overlay any of the three standard patterns. The basic color pallet for ragdolls include seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and red variations, but any color that is seen on pointed cats is acceptable. Currently, the only Ragdolls that are accepted for Championship in TICA, are blue-eyed pointed Ragdolls. The solid color Ragdoll and mink Ragdoll are considered new traits and can be registered, but have not been accepted by the majority of the breeders; therefore, they cannot be shown toward any titles in TICA at this time.

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