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Second, if you're building a house, then you will very likely need stamped drawings to pull permits.
But, for a whole house, as far as I know, general permits will only be issued on a stamped drawing. Take them to the building department so that I can get the permits and start having the work done. Why on earth would you go on an open forum and ask for drawings from a Window and Door guy, and not hire a local, LICENSED plumber to do the drawings?
Don't you sometimes look at a kid lost in a coloring book and wish that life was that easy?

Well now it can be as British artist and illustrator Johanna Basford has released a whole series of coloring books for adults!
Some municipalities allow things like room additions with only rudimentary drawings, but for the licensed trades like electricians, plumbers and HVAC, you should get drawings from them. That may still require a stamped drawing, or at least one from a licensed plumber at least. The plumbing I am using doesn't do the drawings, so I was just looking to see if someone on here would be able to help me.
They are so popular that sales have already hit more than a million and they're showing no signs of slowing down in the near future.

A wonderful and mystical world of fairytale forests awaits those who buy the books which were inspired by the artists childhood visits to the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

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