Fortune teller folded paper

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You can personalize all of the fortunes yourself, print off, prefold and have them ready at your Fortune Teller booth for your Clairvoyant to use!
Once you have printed the page, trim out the Fortune Teller with scissors or a paper trimmer so you have just the square. Your Fortune Teller will look like this after you have folded all 4 corners into the middle. Now, flip your paper over and fold all four of these corners into the center (again, do NOT unfold!).

The instructions on how to use the Fortune Teller are revealed once the Fortune Teller is removed from the holder too! I originally did want all the items in this collection but since all items were not sold individually I purchased this over my other choices. Once you have downloaded the file, open the Fortune Teller file in Adobe Reader and start personalizing ~ the following video shows you how easy it is!
This was SO EASY to personalize and everything looks so adorable now that it's all printed up! I've been getting rave reviews about the invites - can't wait to show off everything else at the party!!

I ended up using more of the items than I though I would & couldn't have been happier with this selection.

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