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The primary purpose of this spread is to provide information on choices in a querent's life. After purchasing you will get the link for download full version of the software and a registration key. You can get free love fortune teller readings from many online sources.  There are online fortune tellers, using empathy as a psychic ability, just waiting to prove themselves to you in hopes that you will continue to use their services.  And if you’re love life has suffered – this may just be the answer that you are looking for! Astrology – Most commonly known fortune telling method, astrology allows the fortune teller to examine the characteristics of a patron’s birth in relation to a specific problem, question, and issue in a patron’s present day life to divine meaning based on the positions of the stars, sun, moon, and planets.
Crystal Ball (Crystallomancy) – Many fortune tellers still use a crystal ball which is essentially a large glass ball filled with fluid that refracts light to great different effects.  A fortune teller will stare into the ball until they attain a trance-like state where the answers will show themselves with the ball. Ouija Board (Spirit Board) – Similar to the popular mainstream game, the spirit board is a specific device most often used when trying to communicate with lost love ones, demons, spirits, or ghosts.  Not too helpful for a patron’s love life though. About the AuthorAndrew Rotta is an author, promoter and believer the art of psychics, tarot, and related spiritual fields.
The basic symbols used in the game are, aside from the Romani gypsy cart, black cats, horses, crystal balls and a fortune teller.

Seriously, they should teach things like this in schools- isn't it funny that even basic self-improvement techniques are n ot even on the school curriculums. Getting a minimum of three of the wild symbols on the screen at once triggers the bonus round. When players get at least three of the crystal ball symbol on the screen at once they get 12 spins for free and the game’s multiplier comes into play, allowing players to win more money than they would have. The second fixed jackpot is worth 2,000 credits and is won when players get four of the palm reader symbols on the screen at once. The look and feel of the game makes it perfect for players who want a taste of what fortune tellers actually do. Before the multiplier even kicks in whatever a player wins during their free spins is automatically tripled. The first fixed jackpot is worth 7,500 credits and is won when players get five of the palm reader symbols. It is exciting enough to keep players on the edge of their seats and keep them interested and engaged in the game.

The sound effects set used include wind chimes and creaking doors that players swear sound real. This symbol is called the Hamsa symbol and acts as a substitute for the game’s basic symbols. Players are presented with several tarot cards and have to click on each one until they click on the one that ends the round. When this does happen the value of all the cards a player picked are added together and the total amount is awarded to the lucky player.

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