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Unfortunately, the ubiquity of Adobe Reader and other PDF software has made the format a target for malware perpetrators.
So when I heard last week about an important security update for Adobe Reader 9, I hurried to the Adobe site to download the new version 9.2. You're also offered a free McAfee Security Scan, but at least you can uncheck that option to do without the scan. I could've saved myself a lot of time and trouble if I had just stuck with Foxit Reader, the free PDF reader from Foxit Software. Tracker Software Products' PDF-XChange Viewer does a good job of matching Adobe Reader's features and interface while—like Foxit Reader—taking up much less disk space (though at 15MB, PDF-XChange Viewer is almost three times as large as Foxit Reader).

If small is what you're after, try the open-source Sumatra PDF Viewer, which at just over 1MB is downright lilliputian, compared to the competition. By the way, if you're looking for a free way to create PDFs, I described one in a post from March 2008: Acro Software's CutePDF Writer. PDF has been the de facto standard for document exchange since the mid-1990s, but it wasn't an official ISO standard until 2008.
Along with Sun's Java, Adobe's Flash Player, and Apple's QuickTime media players, it's imperative that you keep your PDF reader up-to-date to prevent it from becoming an entryway for viruses. I used Foxit Reader exclusively on my old laptop, but for some reason I switched back to Adobe Reader when I bought my new machine last spring.

The program may lack some of the polish of its larger brethren, but it might be all the PDF reader you need.
You'll find capsule reviews of these and one other free PDF reader at the Tech Support Alert site.

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