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BE IMMORTAL BUT FOREVER MIDDLE CLASS OR LIVE TO 70 YEARS OLD AND BE RICH AND FAMOUS YOUR WHOLE LIFE? Like most gamers I generally enjoy and play video games of any genre as long they're good but even with that in mind there are still video game genres out there that I'd prefer not to play.
So far it's been a pretty slow year for gaming but as we start to head into September things seem to be finally picking up with releases such as Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4, with many more games coming in 2016.
From Final Fantasy VII to the Halo series, we all have video games that we'd want to play with new updated graphics and new mechanics. So that's one of the games I'd like to see remade or remastered but what are some of the games you'd like to see be updated for modern systems?
So those are just some of the games that I enjoy playing to help pass the time but what are some of your favourite time waster games?
Batman: Arkham Knight is the most fun I've had with a video game all year, the hand to hand combat was better than ever and unlike many other people I actually didn't mind most of the Batmobile segments. Let's get the most obvious problem out of the way, the Arkham Knight's identity was a huge let down. The story itself was told exceptionally well but there were a couple of things that partly ruined it for me. The game's ending is a let down, I'm fine with cliffhanger endings that leave questions unanswered but I feel that Batman: Arkham Knight's ending just wasn't definitive enough, especially when this is supposedly the final game in the main Arkham trilogy. Even after all this negativity I still think that Batman: Arkham Knight is an incredible game that is definitely still a good end to the trilogy that Rocksteady has made. There are many moments in video games that are able to evoke great emotion just from the sights and sounds of it all, moments where you can really just sit back and admire what's on screen.
The game Journey is full of wonderful scenes that showcase its superb art style and music but this scene in particular is by far the best.
I love it when something is able to make me go from one emotion to another in only a matter of seconds, in this case it was pure fear and excitement to joy and tranquility.
The Last Of Us is about surviving in a broken down world where pretty much everything has gone to hell, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and in The Last Of Us it is the giraffe scene.
Portal 2 ended on a high note and that is undoubtedly because of the turret opera cutscene at the end of the game.
Red Dead Redemption is already a very beautiful game, with its detailed visuals, great soundtrack and clever writing, and this scene in particular just affirms that. So those are some of the moments in video games that I thought were particularly well crafted and each of them showed what you can achieve through the medium of video games. For years, the only way to get your game out to a mass audience was to have it go through a big publisher such as EA or Activision. There's been a lot of hate towards big game publishers for a while now, be it because of the cancellation of various projects like with Konami and Silent Hills or because of the shady buisness practices some publishers partake in such as charging extra for content and all sorts of other stuff. Even though after all this, I still think that game publishers are needed in order to make the big budget triple-A games and I reckon publishers will definitely still be around in the future.
Before the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, many thought that console gaming was or was soon to be dead. It's been pretty clear that from the start Microsoft and Sony wanted their systems to be more than just video game consoles. One of the reasons why people still prefer consoles over PCs is because consoles are generally easier to use and set-up. The future of console gaming is uncertain but hopefully consoles stick around for a bit longer since one of the biggest reasons for why I and many others still game on consoles is simply because we're more used to it. Around twenty nine superhero movies are scheduled to release between the time of writing this and the year 2021. The only thing keeping superhero movies afloat right now is their quality and how enjoyable they are.
In the early days of gaming, video game mods were often looked down upon by developers since most of them probably didn't like the idea of somebody else messing with something they made, some devs encouraged the modding of their games while others disparaged it. As most of you already know by now, Valve has announced that they will start allowing people to sell the mods they created on the Steam Workshop, the first game testing this out being Skyrim. I'm fine with mods costing money as long as the developers of the game have agreed and are taking a cut of some of the profits but there's something very wrong with the way Valve is currently doing it. Like I said before, I'm totally fine with modders being able to sell their work as long as the developer or publisher agrees to it, but not if Valve continues to do it the way they've been doing it so far. Recently the full teaser trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was leaked online, which you can see here. If this were a movie just for Batman I would be absolutely fine with what this trailer is going for, since Batman is a dark character but this isn't a movie just about Batman, Superman is also in the title and hopefully he gets just as much screen time as the Dark Knight.
In the end, I really love some of the ideas shown in the trailer such as Superman being treated as a god by some and being feared by others and I'm definitely still hyped for the movie itself.
Welcome to part two of my blog where I rank each of the Marvel movies from worst to best, you can see part one of this blog here. While the second Thor movie managed to make it to the bottom of the list, it's predecessor still remains good enough to make it to the number five spot. Iron Man was the movie that kickstarted the entire Marvel cinematic universe and I'd even go as far as say changed the entire comic book movie landscape.
Like Thor, Marvel had a lot riding on the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy, it served as an introduction to the cosmic side of the Marvel universe and would formally introduce Thanos to the mainstream audience, all of this was riding on a group of characters unknown to most. We all knew this movie was coming the second Nick Fury appeared in the Iron Man end credits scene and since then the hype built up and when The Avengers was finally released it did not disappoint. In less than a month, Avengers: Age of Ultron will be hitting cinemas and in honour of that, I've decided to unofficially rank all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies from worst to best.
Iron Man 2 had some good scenes, that being the fight scene with the portable Iron Man suit and the part where Stark and Rhodey both suit up to take down the drones but unfortunately two good scenes does not make up for what is ultimately a mediocre film. For most people I imagine Iron Man 3 would be at number ten on this list seeing as pretty much everyone who knew the source material prior to seeing this movie hated it. Before seeing this movie I thought it would be the same as Iron Man 2, just more build up for The Avengers but while it was still build up, it was also a surprising, fun and enjoyable film that I didn't expect to like as much as I did. So that's all for now, of course this is a two parter so check back later on if you want to see part two. The relationship between a creator and a critic is rocky at best, especially in the games industry.
Recently, popular Youtube game critic Jim Sterling had his video taken down due to a false copyright strike made by the developer of the video game he was criticising. When Assassin's Creed Unity was released last year, it stirred up a lot of controversy over its review embargo. Since the beginning, creators have always tried to silence or argue against negative criticism but now because of the internet and Youtube it can start to become a lot more dangerous with the threat of a copyright strike.
Teamwork is something that you don't find happening often in online multiplayer co-operative video games. Face it, your friends aren't always around when you want to play a video game, so most of the time your going to have to just play with random people.
About a week ago it was announced that the Mad Max video game would only be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC and that development of the last-gen console ports has been cancelled. I do feel sympathy though, for the gamers who live in places where the price of the current-gen consoles are astronomically high and even those who just can't afford one at the moment. Gameplay in story and presentation based video games can often feel like it was just shoehorned in, in order for it to classify as a video game. Getting back on topic, I still think that no matter what, gameplay will always be the most important part in any video game, even in the ones that prioritise other things over gameplay. I never understood why people tended to gravitate to games that were longer in play time just for the sole reason that it would last them a long time. If Portal 2's main single player campaign had been any longer it might not have been as great a game. Many people think that video games these days are overpriced and that video games that don't reach a certain amount of hours of play time should be cheaper. But compared to most other forms of entertainment video games do actually provide a lot of value, ten dollars for a two hour film is nothing compared to the amount of value a game like Skyrim provides. A popular movie, with an established world and characters, being made into a video game sounds like a recipe for success right?
The problem isn't just that developers often aren't given enough time to make a game that fits with today's standards, but it's that most studios are pretty much forced into making a game that's based off an upcoming movie by a publisher, so if the devs don't care about the game then it obviously won't be all that good. History has shown us that licensed games can be great but only if the developers are given some free range with the property they're given.
In the end, it has been shown many times just how great licensed video games can be, but the licensed video game genre will never truly break away from mediocrity if publishers keep on pushing out cheap movie tie-ins for a quick buck. When looking for some great classic video games to review for my blog series, I came across a thought. A classic is commonly defined as something that is judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. So that leads to our second question: What modern video games will be considered classics in the future?
About Nadja SpiegelmanNadja Spiegelman - Nadja Spiegelman is the Eisner-award nominated author of the ZIG AND WIKKI graphic series for young children and LOST IN NYC: A SUBWAY ADVENTURE. I've thought of five different "would you rather" questions and I want you to answer them down in the comments below. Mostly because a lot of them are often terrible and just an attempt to turn something popular into a video game. Answer in the comments below and also tell me if you want to see more of these types of 'community questions' in the future, after Livefrye got implemented people seemed a lot less keen to comment on blogs, so I thought this might be a good way to get everyone talking again.
But there's still a few problems that I have with the game that stops it from being the epic conclusion to the Arkham franchise that I was hoping it would be.
I would've rather they just create a brand new character with a cool backstory than have had such an obvious choice be in the role of such an important character. The death of Barbra Gordon was a huge shock to me and at the time I commended the game's writers for killing off such an important character, especially in the way they did it.
It's a video game sequel that adds numerous new features and actually takes risks with its story and gameplay and for that alone it should be played.
So today we're going to be looking at particular moments in video games that encapsulate all these things such as stunning visuals and great music to deliver a truly extraordinary gaming experience. The way the music builds up to the reveal of the sunset and the great use of colours and scenery is what makes this all so delightful.
The music really compliments this moment in the game and it's great how it changes as your rocket bursts through the clouds and into Columbia. After all you've been through in the game, it's just nice to be able to catch your breath and enjoy the ambience for a bit. Throughout the game GLaDos and the turrets are constantly trying to kill you so seeing them all in the end performing the song is just spectacular. After just arriving in Mexico you get on a horse and start riding off into the distance as music starts to play in the background. But due to the rise of digital distribution indie games have become mainstream, with their influence continuing to grow in the industry. The reason many big name developers seem to be heading towards crowdfunding for their projects is because the publishers don't see the worth in financing them, why should Konami pour valuable time and money into a niche horror game such as Silent Hills when they can take less of a risk investing in a much safer but more soulless project. Plenty of publishers offer their developers creative freedom and sometimes studios just want to make a game without all the hassle of trying to market and sell the game.
People went on and on about why these new consoles would be a loss for Microsoft and Sony and that this console generation would probably be the last. Microsoft infamously talked about television for the bulk of their Xbox announcement and Sony revealed at last year's E3 that they had plans to begin airing their own T.V show through PlayStation. It seems like companies such as Valve and Alienware have noticed this in the last couple years which is why they have taken steps to make PCs seem more sleek and user friendly. How long until people start getting bored of all the superhero movies and T.V shows coming out? That's a lot of superhero movies being released in only about five years and that's not even counting all the rumoured and unconfirmed ones. If companies and studios start just milking these movies and not putting any real quality or thought into them then you can bet that not nearly as many people will go to see superhero flicks.
But now, thanks to support from gamers and the games industry mods have become one of PC gaming's greatest strengths. And since then the gaming community has pretty much lost their minds over this, many think that all mods should be free, some think it's wrong to make money off someone else's work even if Bethesda is taking cut of the profits and others fully support Valve in thinking modders should be paid for their work. First off Valve and the publisher of the game take 75% of the profits made off the mod, making this more infuriating is how Valve is trying to make it seem like they're the good guys in this, giving these downtrodden modders a chance to finally earn some money off their creations, when it just comes off more as another way to fill up their wallet.
Not all mods should be paid for but some are of high enough quality to justify the cost, but I wonder what would happen if paid mods do catch on and everyone starts charging for their mods, because one of the main draws to mods are that they're free. Upon the first viewing I was very happy and excited after all, I've been waiting a long time to see this. But this trailer really makes it seem like this is just 'Batman Featuring Superman.' Superman and Batman are two completely different characters, you can't have Batman be in a movie all about helping citizens of Metropolis and fighting aliens and you can't have Superman be in a movie all about fighting street thugs and average criminals. This entire blog was simply based off what was shown in a trailer and who knows how different the final version of the movie will be? With that out of the way, let's delve into the better half of the list and see my top five Marvel movies.
Marvel had a lot riding on this film, it was the first in the cinematic universe to be heavily fantasy based and it was the gateway to all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy based characters.

Even with all the production problems, the movie still turned out to be a big win for Marvel. But in the end Guardians Of The Galaxy turned out to be an astounding success, critically and at the box office. We got what we had wanted, epic fight scenes with the superheroes going at it with each other, terrific banter between the group members, a great villain and great writing to neatly tie it all together.
I went in expecting a decent superhero movie, but what I got was an exciting spy action thriller that actually impacted the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe in a big way.
Like Avengers: Infinity War I'll be splitting this blog into two parts to maximise profits or maybe because I'm just lazy. And don't get me started on the villain who was probably the most forgettable thing about Thor: The Dark World, he simply served as something to be stopped and nothing else, he's not menacing or interesting at all and he pales in comparison to the series' last villain, Loki.
It felt like the movie was just there to build up the rest of the Marvel universe and nothing else. But even if it didn't have the whole Mandarin twist thing, it still would've been a very flawed film. Following the much hated Hulk 2003 movie, The Incredible Hulk knew what it needed to be and that just happened to include epic monster fights. Steve Rogers is definitely played well by actor Chris Evans, you really feel for his character and you can easily relate to him, other characters such as Peggy Carter are also great. Websites like IGN, Gamespot and Polygon have massive followings with hundreds of people waiting to see what they're thoughts are on particular video games. The video Sterling made wasn't a breach of fair use at all and the developer was basically just throwing a tantrum because someone said his game looked like crap. It was set to the release date of the actual game itself which made it so reviews would have to come out after release, which lead to many gamers buying something that they probably wouldn't have bought just yet if the reviews were already out. Games studios and publishers using review embargoes in order to try and silence bad press is also a big problem. But for some reason, more and more games and game modes are being released where teamwork is essential to winning the game. The whole reason I stopped playing Payday 2, was because I was always ending up with players who always just went in guns blazing.
When I first saw this, it was immediately good news to me but many others weren't as thrilled.
I'd imagine that it would be a pain for developers to be tied down by the technical limitations of systems that were released almost a decade ago, it brings down the quality of the current-gen versions of the games since the more graphically intense you make it on the the new hardware, the harder it will be to port it to the old hardware.
But they really do need to understand that these last-gen consoles are almost a decade old and if we all stop just to make sure that a few people aren't being left behind, it will hold the whole gaming industry back. Every video game has some sort of gameplay and the ones that don't wouldn't technically be classified as video games in the first place.
Almost like the development team spent so much time creating a great narrative and beautiful visuals and then forgot that what they were actually making was a video game, so they just stuffed in some generic shooting or fighting sections. After all, video games are expensive so obviously you're going to want the most bang for your buck. The way I see it is in terms of enjoyment, I'd much rather play a short six hour experience where every moment has a purpose and where I genuinely enjoy myself rather than drag my self through a boring and mediocre twenty hour game simply to pass time. But the problem is that if we start deciding game prices based on game length, it opens up a whole new can of worms. Video games have costed around the sixty dollar range since around the 8-bit era and back then video games and their development teams were no where near the size and scale of what they are now and nowhere near as much money was put into big budget releases.
Apparently no, for some reason video games based on movies or any other licensed property always seem to turn out horribly. I'd bet that pretty any studio wouldn't want to work on a game that's just being made to make money off a popular movie.
So if we look back on gaming history we would have to look at what games would stand out to us to be the greatest or the most ahead of its time.
This is a hard question because like I said before, it's easy to love a game and think it's going to be a classic at the exact time and moment of the game's release date but whether the game will be considered a classic down the line is up to our future selves.
Her forthcoming memoir, "I'm Supposed to Protect You from All This," will be published by Riverhead Books in August 2016. We uses Search API to find the overview of books over the internet, but we don't host any files.
But sometimes a licensed game comes along that's actually pretty good and in some cases, great.
My most anticipated game is definitely Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, it's the final instalment in one of my favourite gaming series of all-time and the game looks awesome from what I've seen from it so far. As someone from an Asian background the answer for me is "What are you?" or "What's your background?" It's not that I hate the question specifically but more that I hate the people who normally ask it, since a lot of the time I don't know them all that well and sometimes even after I've answered the question they just keep on insisting that I must be from a particular place in the world.
One of my favourite games that falls under this category is Boson X, which is available on both PC and mobile.
The only thing that stopped me from fully believing that it was actually Jason Todd under that visor was the thought that Rocksteady were better than that and would do something different.
So the "twist" that she actually was still alive left me more than disappointed. The Joker scenes were great and I loved how even as just a memory or thought in Bruce's head he was still a very viable threat. I would've been fine if it was just the main side missions you had to complete but having the players have to find all the riddler trophies as well just to get the proper ending for the game they bought is ridiculous. I love how the sand reacts to the player and how it ripples and reflects light almost like an ocean, and even though this happens in other parts of the game it's nowhere near as noticeable as it is in this scene. Seeing the city for the first time definitely puts you in awe and I think the reason why is because of how immersed you feel in that moment.
The scene is expertly crafted in my opinion, from the music to the scenery to the way the reveal the big surprise.
It isn't all that interesting in the visual department compared to some of the other moments on the list but it more than makes up for it with the incredible music and just the context of it all, and that's why I think it's one of the best and most beautiful endings to a game you can have. The lyrics of the song as well as the emptiness of the landscape just makes you feel even lonelier than usual and you really start to feel for John Marston (the protagonist) as he's in a different country with nobody to contact and with nowhere to go.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if we saw Hideo Kojima's next game on Kickstarter without the need for a publisher such as Konami.
Crowdfunding as it is right now should only be for the games that the hardcore gamers want. But a lot of those predictions were proven wrong when the actual numbers started coming out, only about a month after its release the PS4 became the fastest selling console ever in the UK and both the Xbox One and PS4 continue to break sales records even to this day.
Both Microsoft and Sony seem to be making steps to ensure that their systems will be bought by everyone and not just gamers but whether all this hard work will pay off or not is unknown for now. I can easily see a future though, where consoles are essentially just set-top boxes that have the ability to play video games. Valve created Big Picture Mode for steam, so you can play your PC games on a proper television in the living room and hardware companies like Alienware started creating their own PC and console hybrids. For some people the more superhero movies the better which is fine, but the rate at which Marvel, DC, Fox and Sony are pumping out these movies is out of control, soon people won't be able to keep up. If you betray the public trust by making too many bad movies or by rebooting a franchise over and over again then they're bound to turn on you. One of the things superhero movies have going for them though, is the fact that they can take many different shapes.
But there's still a very fine line on what's okay and what's not okay when it comes to modifying someone else's work and like most of the time it has something to do with money. None of these thoughts or opinions are wrong, since there are so many different sides to this argument. Probably the worst part about this is that Valve went into all of this completely unprepared, since the announcement all sorts of crap has gone down, from people stealing other people's mods and selling them, to the entire marketplace being filled with overpriced crap and joke mods.
But once the initial excitement wore off, I realised that this trailer was everything I didn't want the actual movie to be, dark, gritty and hopeless. In order to make this movie great they have to find a good middle ground between dark and hopeful. But hopefully DC and Warner Bros can realise that not everything has to be moody and gritty, and that they should embrace some of their characters, especially down the line when they start making things like Aquaman and Green Lantern. So they're lucky that not only was Thor a success at the box office but was also just a fun and enjoyable movie with great characters.
When Iron Man first came out I was amazed by the special effects with the Iron Man suit and that all still holds up well even by today's standards. Everyone I knew loved this movie and for good reason, I couldn't even walk down a hallway at school for a week without someone saying "I am Groot." Guardians Of The Galaxy is able to be so many things at the same time without once feeling cluttered, a little bit of romance, a lot of comedy, plenty of action and one hell of an adventure.
All of the heroes are played well by their actors and it was great to see some of the supporting characters from past movies show up again. They basically revealed that Shield has been run by the bad guys this whole time, which geniusly fixes some of the plot holes from previous films. Thor himself and the supporting characters were ok but them and the film itself was never really able to extend past ok.
The villain was one dimensional and boring and the whole storyline about Howard Stark and Tony dying felt really half baked. I personally didn't mind the twist but I think it was a real waste of an excellent character, Ben Kingsley was great as the Mandarin and the villain they ended up replacing him with was nowhere near as good or fun to watch. Edward Norton plays a pretty decent Bruce Banner, showing how damaged the character is and just how afraid he is of his alter ego.
I also really enjoyed the setting because rarely do you ever get to see a super hero in the 1940s on the big screen.
So it's a developers best intention to create as good of a game as they can so it can receive favourable reviews and have plenty of sales.
The result of that tantrum lead to Jim being locked out of his account until he completed a special quiz and having his video go offline for two weeks. Since then many people have taken notice to review embargo dates and other game studios and publishers that try to limit the amount of negative press their game gets with shady business decisions.
GTA Online Heists was released and in that, every crew member must play their part in order to achieve the end goal, but if anyone on the team messes up or doesn't do their job right, everyone is punished and brought back to the start. While I was trying to be stealthy, turning off alarms and hacking security cameras, one of my teammates would always go bursting through the front door, killing civilians, which called in the cops, which normally led to a game over for all of us.
Co-operative video games can't be blamed or criticised because of the lack of communication and team work in the game, but I think that the developers of these games should try to find ways to make it so that if one player isn't contributing, you can still win, even if it's a lot harder to do so without the extra help.
A lot of people were angered by the fact that they were being left behind for staying with their PS3 and Xbox 360's and that the gaming industry has started to move on.
In the early years of gaming, video games were designed around their gameplay but now things have started to change a bit.
But in the end, gameplay not always being the most important part of a game can be a good thing, as it creates diversity in the types of games we play. Sure, the game you bought is lasting you more than a few days but if you're not really enjoying what you're playing then why bother? You'd think it would be the exact opposite but for some reason, some of the worst games of all-time are licensed video games. I'd love for all these properties to get a proper video game that wasn't absolute crap, I'd love to have a proper modern Superman or Iron Man that wasn't just a quick cash in. Especially when it comes with a bunch of constraints such as having to stick close to a particular source material and having a very specific deadline.
Both were made by High Moon Studios but Transformers: War For Cybertron prevailed because the developers had more time to actually make the game and they had more free range to do what ever they wanted with the Transformers License. I think that a classic video game doesn't necessarily have to be the best or the most universally loved of it's time but it should be judged on what it did for the gaming industry and whether the game still holds up over time. But we can make some pretty informed guesses as to what video games will be remembered and considered classics. All document files are the property of their respective owners, please respect the publisher and the author for their copyrighted creations.
When I was a kid I'd watch my older brother play games on PS2 and sometimes he'd hand the controller over and let me play for a while. I've just never really been able to have fun when playing a racing sim, mostly because I'm bad at them and that they always seem to lack a sense a speed.
Another game I'm really looking forward to is Mad Max, which is a game that I only started paying attention to about a couple months ago after the first gameplay trailer came out. One of my favourite guns in all of gaming is the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the Call Of Duty: World At War zombies mode.
I've already talked about how much I'd love to see a sequel for Bully but a remake or remaster would also be pretty good. But it's also the Joker's presence throughout the game which somewhat muddles up the story.
The orchestral music just amplifies the awesomeness of this scene and together with the visuals they combine to create a beautiful and serene moment rarely ever experienced in most other video games. All of it goes together to create a poignant and emotional scene that I couldn't imagine the game without. Depending on the type of game and dev team size, indie games can cost quite a lot of money and time to make and this can all be especially taxing if its being funded out of your own wallet.
Game developers are creators and artists and a lot of their creativity is held back and taken when they're forced to make Call Of Duty maps and ports, which is exactly what Activision does to some of their studios.
So I guess it's pretty safe to say now that consoles are far from dead and that if anything, they're doing better now than they were before.
In some ways this has already happened with products such as the Amazon Fire TV, where the main draw is its entertainment and television abilities, with the added bonus of being able to play android games. At this point I don't know if PCs are becoming more like consoles or if consoles are becoming more like PCs.
I find it hard to believe that superhero movies will continue being as successful as they are now in the next couple of years, mostly because mainstream audiences will eventually start getting bored of the sub-genre no matter how hard Marvel and DC try.

There were probably tons of people who went to Guardians Of The Galaxy not knowing that it was a Marvel movie and wanted to see it simply because it looked like a fun sci-fi movie.
I know there are definitely some entitled folks out there who think they deserve to have mods for free no matter how much work was actually put into it but the thing is they aren't wrong either, there are plenty of people who buy a game simply for the mods, just think of all the people who bought Arma 2 to get the original Day Z and all the people who bought GTA V on PC just because they knew there were going to be some awesome mods for it. There's a 24 hour refund period when you buy a mod so if it's buggy or just doesn't work you can at least get your money back but lately people have been saying that if the game is patched and it breaks the mod, you won't be able to get a refund, which would definitely be a problem if newer games begin to adopt paid mods.
Everything from the dark ominous music, to the narration and the fact that pretty much all the shots in the trailer were at night, really makes me wonder whether DC and Warner Bros learnt their lesson about making things too dark and gritty.
Thor as a character is likeable and Chris Hemsworth does a great job portraying the arrogant thunder god and unlike in Thor: The Dark World, he actually goes through some character development. Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark has become a staple in modern pop culture and that's for a good reason, apparently he came up with a lot his lines on the spot and he perfectly portrays the douchey billionaire side of Stark. One of the standouts of the film was Loki as the villain who is played excellently by Tom Hiddleston, his charming, funny and you sort of love to hate him. This twist was definitely a bold move and I applaud them for taking such a risk, since in the past Marvel films they've sometimes used Shield as an easy plot device, not to mention that they have a T.V show called Agents Of Shield. There were plenty of plot holes in the movie that I was able to notice while viewing which really ruined it for me. There were some problems I had with the movie, like the way they had Captain America froze himself which really made me question the intelligence of Steve Rogers.
But lately, many indie-developers have tried to silence reviewers by using targeted copyright strikes on Youtube against anyone who has something bad to say about their game.
Other Youtube gaming critics have also faced the same problem of their videos being taken down by devs because of the same reasons more or less. From the very beginning, the video game Evolve was advertised as a game where team work between the hunter group was necessary in order to defeat the monster. But this can't solely be blamed on these types of players because we all have different play styles and ways we want to get through a mission. So should developers and publishers bring all their games to all platforms in order to reach the widest audience or is last generation consoles and platforms actually holding the gaming industry back as a whole? These days there aren't really many new ideas for creating new and innovative gameplay and because of that, story and presentation has started to take top priority in the game development process for many video games. Pretty much every aspect of the game was worked on extensively but when it came down to actual gameplay, it was criticised for just being another generic third person cover shooter with a few interesting weapons.
In one game I might be shedding tears over an emotional story, in another game I might be on the edge of my seat playing through an intense battle or thinking my way through a puzzle and in another game I might be amazed by magnificent graphics and voice acting. It's starting to get to the point where a game's length has started to overshadow whether a game is actually good or not.
Of course, I'm not saying that all video games that take a long time to beat are bad but that the idea that all triple-A video games need to be twenty or forty hour experiences in order for it to justify a purchase is quite idiotic.
There has been a stigma associated to any game that has the words "the video game" in its title and that's rightfully so. But sadly most licensed video games these days are just cash ins, most get maybe a year or two of development time before the game is shipped off to coincide with a movie release date.
It's always easy to love a game and think it's going to be a classic in the moment but if the game isn't remembered down the line then it shouldn't really be considered a classic video game.
Eventually I started playing co-op games with him and things pretty much kicked off from there. I've been meaning to come back and write again for a while now but like always, real life stuff gets in the way. I enjoy plenty of other racing games like Burnout and Need For Speed but racing sims like Gran Turismo just don't do it for me.
Everything they've shown of the game so far has appealed to me, from the open world to the car combat.
For those of you who don't know, the weapon fires lightning bolts that link to different enemies creating a whole chain reaction. Sure, there are plenty of other games that would benefit far more from a remaster but just having that world be redone in modern graphics and visuals would be awesome and we've already got a sneak peak of what it might look like via a fan who redid some of the locations of the game in Unreal Engine 4. There's a huge variety of levels and even after I've completed all of them, I still play whenever I'm on a long car trip or just when I'm bored and need to kill some time.
No matter what he's in the Joker demands the spotlight and the audience will always be more interested in him than any other villain, so soon enough I became more concerned and interested in the subplot of him taking over Bruce's body than any sort of chemical weapon being detonated by Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight. Crowdfunding and Kickstarter came along to offer developers the chance to fund their projects and to offer gamers the chance to support the games they wanted to see come out the most. The reason so many developers have been going to Kickstarter is because they want to create the game they want to make with around the same budget and quality the game would have if it was funded by a publisher. The sales of both systems has shown us that people are still interested in buying consoles and it's been shown time and time again that these things can be used for more than just video games.
But I'm definitely more interested in  new innovative gaming concepts such as the Illumiroom for the Xbox or the Morpheus using virtual reality with the PS4 than I am with stuff like consoles becoming all in one machines. Like everything, if the market is oversaturated with something audiences will start to move on and find something else to fall in love with, this is probably what happened to the whole zombie craze and many other different trends in films and pop-culture.
Same with Captain America: The Winter Soldier with people who just wanted a cool action spy movie. I'd be rightly pissed off too if I had to pay for the mods on top of what I already spent on the game. Since the trailer was released online, it has received plenty of praise as well as criticism, some loved it and got even more excited and hyped while others agreed that the tone of the trailer was a bit off-putting. The relationship between Thor and Loki is great and although Loki isn't nearly as fun to watch as he is in the later films, he still does a good job at being a sympathetic villain. The action scenes are great and the final fight with the Iron Monger is definitely one to remember even though the Iron Monger is a pretty forgettable villain.
The visuals and the worlds they explore are a marvel to look at and they integrated practical and digital effects together well. The Avengers is one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen and I am no doubt just as hyped for Age Of Ultron as I was for this film. The action scenes in this were great, I particularly enjoyed the fist fights and this is the first movie where they were actually able to show just how badass Captain America is.
Iron Man 3 isn't as bad as most people say but it is nowhere near as good as some of Marvel's better movies.
There are a few things though that annoy me, such as Bruce's love interest who is completely devoid of character and her boyfriend whom she leaves which serves no real purpose in the story whatsoever. Many big budget game studios and publishers have also tried to silence any negative criticism towards their games by moving review embargo dates as close to the game's release date as possible to limit any pre-order cancellations related to bad press. So basically what we have here are many independent developers who are trying to eliminate any bad press their game receives on Youtube under the guise of copyright. But in many reviews for the game Evolve, reviewers mention the lack of proper teamwork and communication between players and how that made the experience less enjoyable because nobody wanted to work as a team, which is what the game is all about. But yes, it definitely ruins your gaming experience when one player decides they want  to do the whole thing solo even though you have to do it as a team or when the rest of your team is just too incompetent.
Even to the point where the actual gameplay in some of these video games, has started feel like an afterthought rather than something the developers were actively interested in creating.
But the best games hold all three of these aspects in high regard and those are the games that we'll remember the most.
I get it, games aren't cheap so you want it to last as long as possible but would you really rather buy a twenty five hour video game that is clearly being stretched out to be longer and filled with mindless, boring repetitive tasks rather than spend your money on a six hour video game that provides a short yet concise and well paced experience?
What If I don't want to replay the game or do all the extra content, does that mean I should get the game cheaper? There's a reason why people tend to avoid video games based on an existing property, it's because they almost always suck.
While with Transformers: Dark Of The Moon they had less time, a very specific deadline and they had to stick with the designs the movie provided.
While the game is not all that innovative, it did take old ideas and reinvigorate them, the game is also still fun and great to play even after seven years past its original release date, which leads me to believe that it will still hold up for at least seven more years. I could go on for pages about how great this entire series is but you likely already know why the Arkham games are so great, so instead I'm going to talk about a different game.
I'm also not all that fond of sport games, particularly the ones that you could easily just go outside and play like NBA and Madden.
Other games I'm really looking forward to are Until Dawn, Fallout 4, Dishonoured 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mafia 3 and the next Hitman game. So when you have about ten zombies all lined up, it's just so satisfying to let this thing loose. Another game I play to help kill time is Super Hexagon, which is a mobile and PC game where you're a triangle trying to avoid giant hexagons from closing in on you. Recently, big name developers such as Keiji Inafune, Koji Igarashi and the guys behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country have started to leave the traditional publisher format of game development and have instead began using Kickstarter to fund their own projects without the restrictions of a publisher.
With crowdfunding there's no need for a publisher to dictate what happens, it's basically just the developers and the gamers.
There are plenty of different genres superhero movies are yet to explore with their characters and if film makers keep in mind to not limit themselves to just the idea of superheroes, audiences are bound to stick around for much longer.
The only complaint most seem to have is that the main villain is pretty boring and uninteresting but since this is a team movie where they have to introduce five main characters, I can let that go.
The supporting cast is excellent, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Maria Hill and the Falcon are all great and Robert Redford does a good job playing Alexander Pierce. Just like how one bad team member on a sports team can ruin the game, so can bad team members in a video game ruin your gaming experience. So with all that taken into account, just how important is gameplay in today's video games? It all depends really on what kind of game it is and what kind of "lacklustre" gameplay we're talking about. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so if we start making short video games cheaper then developers and publishers might start demanding that their longer, more content filled video games should start to cost more, and I know games becoming more expensive is the last thing gamers want to happen. For example, Super Mario Bros would've defined the 8-bit generation as it made the side-scrolling platformer genre popular and it basically set the bar for what to expect from that generation of video games, not to mention that the game was pretty innovative and fun for the time and it's still enjoyable even today.
The original Bioshock defined its generation because through out that generation of gaming, video games became increasingly more story and atmosphere oriented and Bioshock kind of led the way for many other story and atmosphere oriented games to come.
The Simpsons: Hit and Run is a game I haven't played in a long time but I still remember just how much of a joy it was to play back when I was a kid.
Some other great video game guns that always come to mind is the Portal Gun from Portal as well as the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 and even the ridiculous Dubstep gun from Saints Row IV. The game's pretty difficult and very addictive, it's one of those games that just makes you want to keep on trying to beat your high score. And so far gamers have been loving it, Yooka-Laylee has passed its goal by hundreds of thousands of dollars in only a matter of weeks and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night now has over two million dollars on Kickstarter. My only real problem with the movie is that the climax was pretty lacklustre and they could've utilised Thor's unique abilities more during the fight scenes. The Winter Soldier is definitely one of Marvel's best villains in the movies right behind Loki, he's menacing, an actual threat and the build up for him at the start makes it all the more effective.
Telltale games work because their presentation and gameplay match up well with the game's main selling point, the story. So in the end, a classic video game needs to have been innovative for the time, still hold up, define its generation in some way and finally just be a good video game to play and have fun with. As a fan of the Simpsons series, it was just so much fun to hop around Springfield with all the iconic characters in all the iconic cars from the T.V show.
It is now more apparent than ever that crowdfunding has now started to change the way developers make their games and how we the gamers, get our hands on them. While some people might not like first Thor movie, most of us can at least agree that it was better than the sequel it spawned. Overall I really enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it is definitely my favourite Marvel movie so far.
If we took out the quick time event and choice based gameplay out of something like Telltale's The Walking Dead and replaced it with generic shooter combat, than the game wouldn't have been as good.
New York's crowded subway system is known for many things, but being easy on a lost kid isn't one of them.
Onto other news though, I'm deciding to bring back the community questions and you should probably start seeing them about once a week or maybe even daily.
Missions were just rinse and repeat but seeing as nothing like this hadn't really been done before at the time, it wasn't a problem. When Pablo gets separated from his new schoolmates during his first field trip in New York City, he doesn't know how he'll be able to find them again. I've also decided to open them up more to include questions that don't exactly have to relate to gaming. Pablo begins yet another new school and is paired up with Alicia on the class field trip to the Empire State Building. I am certainly bringing it with me to Book Expo at the end of the month to get the author to sign it.
As a person who very rarely takes trains, and who lives in a city with really only a few lines, the subway system of NYC was very confusing to me, and not something that I enjoyed (who knew there was such a thing as train traffic?!).
Bartle, introduces him to the class and Alicia volunteers to be his partner for the field trip.

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