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Houses In Astrology Wallpaper Cartoon Pictures, Houses In Astrology Wallpaper Cartoon Images. In order to get your Birth Chart you need to know your date, hour and place of birth and take into account the fact that the hour given must be very precise for the calculation of the ascendant, if possible with a margin of five minutes.
If you don't really remember your hour of birth, you can find this information on your official family record book or on your birth certificate.
The calculations of the birth charts are made by a very precise professional software that will guarantee the accuracy of the calculation of the ascendant.
The interpretations of your birth chart (that you can read under your chart wheel) are the product of the calculations of the astronomical positions (whose results are on sky chart).

Since the ascendant can change sign in less than 4 minutes, it's important to know that those interpretations are very precise and meaningful only if your birth data are accurate and precisely typed. If for whatever reason it's impossible for you to figure out what time you were born, you should know that an astrologer with experience can find it with a special technique called "time rectification". This method is tedious but will help you find your hour of birth according to the dates of major events in your life.
You can increase your knowledge about your birth chart with a detailed and complete astrological report. To find out about your current planetary cycles, the personalized forecasts will give you the updates about your birth chart with details about the domains that are activated during the planetary transits.

To discover the multiple aspects of your relationship, the synastry report will give you a detailed list of interactions between birth charts and bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Remember that a consultation with an experienced astrologer will give you an astrological synthesis that no computer can do !

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