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Leo Horoscopes and Astrology 2016- Year of Personal Growth and Dedication 2016 will bring a new beginning for you Leo. The Miller children are very pleased to announce the 90th birthday of their father, Don Leo Miller, on April 29, 2016. TOKYO (AP) — You can waltz with Leo, pirouette to "Swan Lake" or join Beyonce on the disco floor.

May 2016 May is your high achievement month, and the July born Leos would have picked up on that right from that last week of April. Don was born on April 29, 1926 in Elwood, Utah, the son of Soren Leo Miller and Susie Lavona Hunsaker. Thilges, 91, of Charles City, passed away Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Mary’s Campus in Rochester, Minn.

Tyrese is not a bright man so I’m actually surprised it took him this long to make an appearance.

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