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Finger Analysis shows that he is ruled by qualities of Sun and Mercury that gives him the qualities like good speaker. Palm Analysis shows rectangular palm with average finger lengths that makes him a energetic performer and a hanr working person and specially his moon and venus area in palm is vast and well developed. An astrology reading performed by a professional provides you with your own personal astrology chart or birth chart. Your astrology chart can be drawn up by an astrologer or by computer software but the true art to astrology reading lies in its interpretation of the details and the application of these details on a mundane level.
You can find a basic compatibility between two star signs (or sun signs) by going to our astrology basics page and selecting one of the signs you need to check for astrology compatibility. Western astrology originated in Mesopotamia during the 2nd milenium BC, from whence it spread to much of the world. Remember that astrology compatibility can be calculated form your astrology reading or your astrology chart.
Long Mercury finger is showing his good communication skills and business related thinking. Heart line is average length and it is ending in Saturn area, showing commitment for his work, targets and specially for family.
Hand type is rectangular that is showing his hard working nature and fingers are average length showing energy and control.

He has achieved huge success, fame and money with his acting talents and his mental ability.
Venus gave him interest and success in glamour world and venus is responsible for his grand life style. Now line analysis, his luck line is very prominent and it is coming from the venus area and its orientation showing a successful career. From this, an accurate picture of your personality and the external influences in your life can be drawn up or interpreted from your details. Astrology compatibility can be performed by superimposing the charts of two people on top of each other and observing the areas where they might compliment each other or where there are likely to be conflicts. Other systems of astrology were developed independently in China, in the Americas and elsewhere.
The most prominent of these features is the position of the sun in relation to the signs of the zodiac.
We are analyzing his hand and showing the key features present in his hand that made him a super star.
Astrology compatibility with another persons birth chart or the astrology chart for a certain date or moment in time can help interpret how events might unfold and some of the major aspects that we should be aware of. Premodern observers noticed that the annual patterns of the movement of the stars coincided with such events as the advent of springtime, changes in weather and the migration of birds every year.

The "birth sign" commonly used in Western astrology is actually based on the zodiac of 600BC and is not the constellation the sun was actually located in on the person's birthday. Other key feature is Head line that smooth and going downwards leading his interest in business related works.
For a detailed compatibility study both persons need to have an astrology reading and have their astrology charts to hand for a professional astrologer to study and interpret. Without knowing why these phenomena occurred together, other events were said to be affected by the stars as well.
In medieval Europe, important political and military decisions were often made in consultation with astrologers.
Today, believers in astrology use it primarily for making personal decisions, and astrology has become distinct from astronomy.

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