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The question I asked to myself is "will India win today's match against South Africa" and draw the time chart. Sixth house is the house of competition and the most important house for match predictions.
On the last day of the month of Kartik, the last of Aghran and every intervening Sunday, the worship of Surjya or the Sun God is performed.

The persons who receive the name of Surjya and adopt this god as their guardian deity are called Sauras. A clay image of this god is worshipped on the first day of Kartik Puja at night, once at every watch; and on the following day it is thrown into the river.
6th to 7th or 12th house., we will see that the cuspal sub lord is Saturn who is favouring India. The said pot is painted in red and on the top one plantain leaf and two betel leaves are placed. The practise is that they never eat till they have worshipped the Sun and when the Sun is entirely covered with clouds they fast.
After the chill of winter everywhere in India we see green vegetation slip out from under the white snow. Though Saturn owns 5th house which is a good house for opposition but generally placement is more stronger.
The offerings consist of red flowers, dub-grass, rice boiled in milk (paramanna) and rice-cakes (pishtak).
On a Sunday which is particularly consecrated to the Sun, the Sawasi as well as Hindus belonging to other sects worship this idol in a particular manner and some of them fast or at least partially abstain from animal food.
Married persons desirous of offspring are among the principal worshippers of Kartik, whose power is believed to be unlimited in conferring that boon.

Food of this soft description is presented to Surjya owing to his being destitute of the organs of mastication.
Its believed that all the teeths were knocked out of his mouth by a giant named Bir Bhadra at the celebrated festival of the gods. Kartik was born for the purpose of destroying Taraka, a Daitya whose austerities had made him formidable to the gods. According to Indian Panchang Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of the hindi month of Magh.
He is represented as riding on a peacock, with a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Know about the festival date, the rituals followed and the different customs and rituals around the festival of Basant Panchami that makes interesting reading and gives you an insight about the way people all across India rejoice in the spirit of festivity.Spring or Basant is a special season, when natures wrapped in colourful hues, yellow being the colour of natures beauty. For all our esteemed visitors who wish to know what makes Basant Panchami so significant for all of us and why is it celebrated traditionally, what is the purpose of kite flying? Where it all stemmed from or originated and then living through the poeta€™s experience of the same in our special fun write a€“up called Basant Panchami Poems.Check our Basant Panchami SMS and share it with friends and family and near dear ones.

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