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We no longer have to train our eyes on lines after lines of printed text in order to be educated and entertained.
I mean, for a bookworm, what’s better than having thousands of titles in your pocket no matter where you are, at your fingertips?
So what does a budget-savvy bookworm do to satisfy his or her need for books while at the same time staying within the budget?
But weeding through that many sites to find the ones that carry the best and most titles can be time-consuming. We have done the work and find you the top 20 free audio book sites for downloading and streaming all kinds of books. If you like getting paid for surveys and are going to join only one site, I recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay.
As the name probably suggests, the content here is more about cultural and educational stuff.
Seems like the website has taken pain to put together a very credible list of audio books, with overwhelming majority of them being classics. There are multiple formats for you to download, which is completely obligation free, and you can choose to listen to them at a time and place of your liking. Project Gutenberg is recognized not just for its huge array of e-books, but also a fantastic collection of audio books as well. While I am certainly impressed with the catalog listed, I am intrigued by the fact that I can find books that are purely 100% computer-generated.
The Internet Archive Audio has subsequently made its foray into the audio space and now boasts of more than 6000 audio books. You may be the type who get excited hearing a bunch of noises narrating a story, or you can be simply put off by the idea. A useful search function is incorporated into the site so as to facilitate your navigation.
For kids reading stuff, they benchmark Flesch-Kincaid grade levels against their collection for kids, so parents could find the appropriate audio books. A nice feature of Librophile is that it allows you to listen to a short clip before deciding to download the content into your smartphone or notebook. If you like more serious stuff like politics, science, philosophy and religion for example, LearnOutLoud Free Audio will appeal to you. The entire collection here is family friendly, and they made up of class literature mostly. In addition to the conventional novels and stories, often multiple languages in MP3 and MP4 formats, the website also features podcast and RSS feed you can subscribe. The search function is powered by Google search engine, so it is a breeze to find the content you look for. To facilitate your browsing experience, individual audio book is also tagged with a rating system, so you get some sense of the book before you choose to download. This is an awesome sites that contains all the classic books kids must read (or listen to, in this case!).
Here, it is not just about a decent collection of classics, but really excellent classics featuring great names of the past.
This site is dedicated to kid story books as well as fairy tales, with a splinter of educational stuff. If you like Nikolle Doolin, you will enjoy this website as the content here is primarily voiced over by him. The website owner does the recording herself at home, so you likely to hear background noises like dog barking. There you have it; 20 sites where you can download and stream 100% free audio books from every genre imaginable. If you have a favorite site where you download and stream audio books for free, I’d love to hear about it.
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Travel by car, plane, train or ship can at times provide a less than ideal environment for reading - with perhaps unsuitable lighting, bumpy ride or turbulence. Audio books can be enjoyed while exercising, driving, cleaning house, hiking, running marathons, transatlantic flights, and even rock climbing.
We discovered a convenient internet site that lets you rent as many audio titles as you want for one low monthly membership fee.
With Jiggerbug, an online audiobook rental company, you can choose from tens of thousands of audio titles on CDs or cassettes including current bestsellers. The web site is available 24 hours a day and contains more audio titles than your local mega bookstores combined.
LibriVox is an online digital library of free public domain audiobooks, read by volunteers. Books Should Be Free delivers free audio books available in the public domain (published by LibriVox) in a fun and visual way. Librophile provides a clean, simple interface for browsing audio books published by LibriVox. New Fiction is a free audio book publishing service that aims to deliver a unique listening experience. OverDrive is a download service which libraries can use to make audio books and other digital content available for browsing, checking out and downloading.
The nice thing about borrowing audio books from the library is that, unlike the other sites in this article, you can download bestsellers from the world’s leading publishers.
The other major library download service provider is NetLibrary, although they do not offer a similar search engine or app. Audio books available from Podiobooks are recently written works that the authors are freely sharing under a Creative Commons license. Project Gutenberg is the ongoing effort to digitize and archive cultural works in the form of e-books.
The Spoken Alexandria Project is a free Creative Commons library of spoken word recordings, consisting of classics in the public domain and modern works (with permission). Thought Audio has a nice collection of professionally produced classic literature and philosophy titles. While Audible and eMusic are not free audio book sites, they do offer a no-obligation trial which includes one free audio book (this includes the latest bestsellers).
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To get to a certain episode, simply click on the corresponding link and you choose to play the clip instantly, or have it downloaded into your smart devices. They regularly invite users to send in the recording clips on chapters or sections of books. They have to draw up of comprehensive program to make sure that the listening exercise to become more seamless. The website also features a popularity chart to let you know what audio books are in demand according to genres. Children will find work from Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm Brothers particularly interesting.
If you have real problem looking for your favorite titles, you may just get lucky at this website. There are beautiful pictures accompany each audio book, which certainly add appeals to children.
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This is where an audio book can be the perfect solution if you want an enriching or entertaining diversion while enroute. You keep a revolving library of up to 5 audio titles at a time (depending on your membership plan) and can exchange them for new available titles as often as you like. If you don't see a title you want in their list, you just request it and they'll get it for you.

Sign up online, choose your audio books, and your first audio titles should arrive within 1 to 3 days.
Audio books help you make the most of your time because you can listen to them while commuting to and from work, at the gym, doing chores around the home or performing repetitive tasks at work.
If a book is in the public domain it means that the copyright on the book has expired and therefore anyone is free to distribute it. Companies such as OverDrive publish audio books which are available to download from your library to your personal computer or portable device. It has a catalog of 4,000 unabridged audio books and shorter works available to download. Approximately 90% of the collection is in English, although recordings are available in a total of 31 languages. The site is not particularly user friendly, so you may prefer Books Should Be Free or Librophile which both distribute LibriVox audio books (see below for reviews of these sites). You can view the book cover, Top 100 downloads, drill through the genres or use Google search to find a particular title.
You can either use their search tool or click the Free button and then go through the listings (which can be sorted by genre). Often the audio book you want won’t be available for immediate download, but all you need to do is place a hold on the audio book and you will get an email when it’s available. There are over 400 audio books available which are spread through a wide variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, humor, young adult and thrillers. The audio books are typically recorded by the author so, like audio books distributed in public domain, the quality can vary.
When he is not working, blogging or spending time with his wife and kids, he loves nothing more than to listen to a good audio book.
The number of audio titles you rent depends on how quickly you listen and return each of your audio titles. LibriVox, the largest publisher of free audio books , has a public domain wiki page if you would like to learn more about this subject. This easy to understand one-page explanation of rights, with associated visual symbols, explains the specifics of the six main Creative Commons licenses.
Also, the site’s policy is to allow any recording to be published as long as it is basically understandable and faithful to the source text. For each audio book, you can listen to a short audio preview, read an excerpt or check out the Wikipedia links on the book and the author. Audio books are available in MP3 format or you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. You can listen to the audio books in your browser, download the MP3 files in a ZIP file or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.
In addition to audio books, Learn Out Loud has lectures, speeches, sermons and interviews available for download. With OverDrive Search you can search for a keyword, title or author to find a local library that offers the audio book you are looking for. That being said, PodioBooks makes it easy to find the best audio books on their site by having charts of the highest-rated audio books and member ratings for each individual audio book in terms of audio, narration and writing quality. As a result, Project Gutenberg has a good selection of both human-read and computer-generated audio books (I suggest you don’t waste your time with the latter). His favorite titles include Angela's Ashes, The Shadow of the Wind, Born to Run, Ready Player One and A Game of Thrones.
All trademarks, registered trademarks and servicemarks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. When you are done with the title, you simply return it in the provided prepaid envelope and they will ship your next title.
This means that some recordings are of less-than-optimum audio quality in comparison to professionally-recorded audio books. The site is very user friendly, allowing you to filter results by format and sort by most popular, member rating, etc.
You can go through the list of available audio books alphabetically by author and title or, alternatively, use the Advanced Search page.

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