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This post is the first in a new feature in which we’ll focus exclusively on some of the most widely read works of literature.
Written between 1947 and 1948 on the Scottish island of Jura while its author recovered from tuberculosis, George Orwell’s 1984 is perhaps the most persuasive and terrifying dystopian novel ever published.
Although Orwell identified himself explicitly as a democratic socialist, when he wrote the novel, he feared that British democracy would fall to some form of fascism or to the highly repressive Soviet-style communism of Stalin’s Russia.
First, the book itself is available free online in several formats, including Kindle, ePub, and PDF at the Internet Archive.
You might also be interested in Aldous Huxley’s 1949 letter to Orwell, in which Huxley compares 1984 to his own earlier futurist dystopia Brave New World, concluding, of course, that his book is the truer. Margaret Atwood, contemporary author of widely read dystopian fiction, writes about the influence of Orwell on her work. Thomas Pynchon’s essay “The Road to 1984” (originally published as the foreward to the 2003 Centennial edition of the book). Charles’ George Orwell Links, “the Orwell web source since 1995,” has a wealth of information about the author and the novel. Orwell Rolls in His Grave, a documentary by Robert Kane Pappas exploring the Orwellian character of contemporary American media and featuring, among many others, Charles Lewis, director of the Center for Public Integrity, Vincent Bugliosi, former L.A.
Today we’re bringing you a roundup of some of the great Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dystopian classics available on the web.
Back in the late 1930s, Orson Welles launched The Mercury Theatre on the Air, a radio program dedicated to bringing dramatic, theatrical productions to the American airwaves.
Between 1951 and 1953, Isaac Asimov published three books that formed the now famous Foundation Trilogy. Between 1982 and 2000, Rudy Rucker wrote a series of four sci-fi novels that formed The Ware Tetralogy.
In each guide, we aim to compile resources for students and average readers of some famous, and sometimes famously difficult, books. It’s also perhaps the most culturally relevant, contributing terms like doublethink, thoughtcrime, historical revisionism, memory hole, and Big Brother to our everyday language as signifiers for the behaviors of totalitarian states. Though he turned out to be wrong in his specific predictions—and perhaps about the individual’s power to resist—his unimaginable future projections feel as baleful as ever. The letter was written in 1944, three years before Orwell actually wrote the novel, and five years before it was first published.
This was not illegal (nothing was illegal, since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death, or at least by twenty-five years in a forced-labour camp. And what better way to get started than with Aldous Huxley reading a dramatized recording of his 1932 novel, Brave New World.

Dick published 44 novels and 121 stories during his short lifetime, solidifying his position as one of America’s top sci-fi writers. If you’re not intimately familiar with his novels, then you almost certainly know major films based on Dick’s work – Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly and  Minority Report. He has made comics respectable and published novels, including one that will be adapted by HBO. So you get used very quickly to seeing your words on books by some of the greatest writers who ever lived. It’s a memorable moment from the book, and it makes a great visual rejoinder to the slogans on the front cover. We would love to hear feedback from you, our readers, on how we might refine or improve this feature (and what books we should cover).
After the recent revelations about the scope of the NSA’s data mining and surveillance programs, sales of 1984 have shot through the roof (in June, Amazon reported a 5,000 percent increase). Bernie Sanders, Danny Schecter, author and former producer for ABC and CNN, and Tony Benn, former member of the British Parliament. His mind hovered for a moment round the doubtful date on the page, and then fetched up with a bump against the Newspeak word DOUBLETHINK.
It was curious that he seemed not merely to have lost the power of expressing himself, but even to have forgotten what it was that he had originally intended to say.
It took him three days to shoot the 12-minute film (when most films were actually shot in just one day). And you can too by spending time with his collected works, available in etext formats here and audio formats here (Free Mp3 Zip File – Free Stream). To get you acquainted with PKD’s writing, we have culled together 14 short stories for your enjoyment.
Eventually, the BBC decided to adapt Asimov’s trilogy to the radio, dramatizing the series in eight one-hour episodes that aired between May and June 1973. There are 101 audio recordings in total, each averaging 30 minutes and read by Chrissi Hart. A great deal of his output, though, has been in the form of short stories, some available on the web in text format, others in audio. The job was a joy from start to end and there’s not a lack of things it was a thrill to be able to work on. Also, please feel free to leave your favorite online resources in the comments if we fail to include them in our guide.
Ruled by the very Stalinist-like ideology of “Ingsoc” (English Socialism), the state of Oceana is home to everyman protagonist Winston Smith, who briefly battles to assert his individual will against the inexorable mechanism of total state control.
This is not especially surprising, but one would hope that all those people buying the book are actually reading it.

The pen was an archaic instrument, seldom used even for signatures, and he had procured one, furtively and with some difficulty, simply because of a feeling that the beautiful creamy paper deserved to be written on with a real nib instead of being scratched with an ink-pencil. It must be round about that date, since he was fairly sure that his age was thirty-nine, and he believed that he had been born in 1944 or 1945; but it was never possible nowadays to pin down any date within a year or two. The seminal dystopian work may be one of the most influential novels of the 20th century, and it’s almost certainly the most important political novel from that period.
It marked the first time that Mary Shelley’s classic monster tale (text – audio) was ever adapted to film. And William Gibson has called Rucker “a natural-born American street surrealist” or, more simply, one sui generis dude. There is no way to include everything, but we will attempt to select some of the best free online resources available.
And if most of them aren’t, thousands of high school and college students are, since it’s a book English teachers routinely assign.
And, somewhat notably, Thomas Edison had a hand (albeit it an indirect one) in making the film. Tolkien, Lewis served on the English faculty at Oxford University and took part in the Inklings, an Oxford literary group dedicated to fiction and fantasy. With all of these new and current readers of Orwell’s classic, we thought it would be timely to focus our first Book Guide on the novel. Apart from very short notes, it was usual to dictate everything into the speak-write which was of course impossible for his present purpose.
The first Frankenstein film was shot at Edison Studios, the production company owned by the famous inventor. Published between 1950 and 1956, The Chronicles of Narnia has sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages, delighting younger and older readers worldwide. Please feel free to suggest additional resources in the comments (though we prefer not to include Spark Notes and other summaries).
Either the future would resemble the present, in which case it would not listen to him: or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless.

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