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Theology nerds unite!  I know you love books but which ones?  I am totally interested in your answers so post them here, facebook, or link to the post. If you enjoy all the Homebrewed Christianity Podcasts, there are ways you can support our work.
Now I am trying to get over multiple Lindbeck references but I will keep my post-liberal hatin' elsewhere.
I'm just about finished my Bachelor of Theology, but I've spent so much time studying the course work that I haven't really been able to get a good overview of theology. 1) A book, the mere sight of which gets my heart racing: Funnily enough, my NRSV, but not for the acceptable reasons.
2) Favourite book by favourite theologian: I'm undecided who my favourite is, so allow me to indulge myself here.
5) Favourite book to give a budding theology nerd: Well, I am a budding theology nerd and I'm going to start hunting for all the books that have been suggested in this thread.
6) A book that I'm tempted to move to the top of my To Read pile: In Whom we Live and Move and Have our Being, a collection edited by Philip Clayton and Arthur Peacocke. I've just had some scotch and figured that this would be a good time to write down some books. As I said earlier, I'm tempted to write down Bible for everyone of these as I have no interest in being left behind this Saturday. 4) Radikale Theologie, Ingolf Dalferth: I can only read that thing really slowly, but I get pretty happy when he talks about how doing radical theology doesn't mean capitalizing Radical and ignoring theology.
If I had a category for "The book that almost got you to switch theological camps" then D.B.
There are a lot of reading activities you can do with your kids to make reading fun and inspire them to improve their skills. There are many other reading activities, such as letter mazes or word mazes, word searches, and (for older children) crossword puzzles. In addition to the reading activities listed here, you may also want to think about the interests of your own child.

This is a clipart illustration by Chud Tsankov showing a cartoon bear studying his math book.
That was my second choice only because he doesn't address the people younger students would know like Borg, Wright, Ehrman, etc. So I resolved at the beginning of the year to start working my way through some of the classics and also get up to speed with where the fun stuff is going on today.
It's pretty low quality as binding and workmanship goes, but the typeface is delicious and I find myself reading the thing for aesthetic pleasure.
My first candidate would probably be Tom Wright, and my favourite Tom Wright book would be Surprised by Hope. Lewis (one volume edition, of course!) I think those books helped me understand theology better than anything else, so they count. If anyone wants to suggest anything, I'd love something that simply outlines the major thinkers, their contributions and the major areas of interest in theology today.
Usually tell my new theology nerd friends to get Philip and Tripp's "transforming Christian Theology." it's about as good an intro as it gets. Trippy, I'm gonna give a tit for every one of your tats--a phrase that I'm now thinking could be taken in far too many un-kosher ways.
Wright: Wright may not like what I do theologically with Jesus, be he's still got a great interpretation. Kids love reading stories about themselves, so make sure you journal your pages so that they can read all about themselves while looking at the pictures.
You can help your children write and hide clues, or you can create a treasure hunt for your children to follow. This is similar to a slide show where your children get to illustrate the stories themselves.
Or, you can download the hi-res version for $4 which provides the image in hi-resolution, in JPG, GIF, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator formats. You could try our own Reading Club Calendar, or local libraries will often offer reading clubs, reading programs, or reading calendars.

Just take some plain paper and a piece of construction paper or colored cardstock for the cover. It is a fun way for your children to view a story and a great opportunity for them to get involved in drawing their own illustrations. These are suggestions for reading with your child, not just reading to them or having them read to you. You can make a crossword puzzle, a word search, or other puzzles with your own words and clues. This studying clipart illustration is available in high resolution in the EPS vector image format. He has better (or more established) work that I haven't read yet, but I really enjoyed that one. Oh, what the heck, I'll give you a third: Theology in the Context of Science by John Polkinghorne. If you'd asked me a day or two ago I would have answered 'God of the Possible' by Greg Boyd. Let your children dictate their story to you or write their own (depending on their age)and then let your children draw their own illustrations. I find Polkinghorne's work somewhat repetitive, but this book gave me a good grasp of natural theology. Open theism looks rather fascinating, but I did move this book to the top of the pile, so it doesn't really count any more, does it?

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