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Step 3: Draw further thin lines on the right side of the book, so that it shows the darker side of the book, and also the gap in between two books need to be darkened more. Step 4:Now to give more realistic image, draw further more thin lines, and also write the author names on the books, with few design on the cover of the books. Dottie on How to Draw Lips which is Sexy?Dorothy Harris on How to Draw Ear (Back View)Bem Vindos ao Iapsa Reviews! You need to add some shades in such a way to project as if light is coming from the left side of the shelf.  Draw straight lines on the right side.

The shades drawn should be cris cross, to give more depth.  You can see in the below image, the gap between the last book, gives the feeling that the last book is leaning on the third book, the gap in between that should be even more darkened. In general darken all part of the image, but more on the right side, to ensure that the light is from the let side.  The bottom place where the book stands has a horizontal straight line, you need to darken that area too, to show that there are shadows falling there.
I would just like to ask for your permission if I could use your drawing for my tumbler design? Draw slowly and patiently.  These vertical rectangles are the back side of the book generally where the names are embossed.

This gives the picture little bit of depth on the right side, and gives the image little life.

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