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Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. Most of these free e-books are older, often classic titles in the public domain or otherwise out of copyright, although plenty of contemporary authors are offering their digital books for free. Our first stop, unsurprisingly, is Amazon—specifically, Amazon’s list of Kindle bestsellers, which includes a list of the top 100 free Kindle books. Next up: Project Gutenberg, a searchable directory of tens of thousands of free e-books, including a treasure trove of out-of-copyright masterworks.
Also handy: Open Library, a handsomely designed site that seeks to catalog each and every book ever written—talk about ambitious.
I’m also a fan of Freekooksy, a blog that highlights a different (and mostly contemporary) free e-book each day, including limited-time giveaways by notable authors.

The good news is that most of the free e-book sites listed above will make it perfectly clear whether there’s a Kindle-compatible version of a specific title—and if there is a specific Kindle version, you should download it first. Specifically, the main file formats you’ll see associated with Kindle e-readers are AZW, MOBI, and PRC. TXT and PDF files, meanwhile, are also compatible with your Kindle, although you may have to do without features like a table of contents (often the case with TXT files) or the ability to easily change font sizes (for PDFs).
Update: Take a look at the article at InventorSpot about Kindle DX vs The Lord Voldemort of Tablet Devices. The site also has a quick link to more than a million free e-books in a variety of Kindle-friendly formats. Check out A Kindle World for an exhaustive, frequently-updated treasure map of free e-books sites.

AZW is the e-book format used by Amazon for copy-protected Kindle books, while MOBI and PRC are more common for free e-books. Well, you can always download an e-book to your desktop and e-mail it to your Kindle—assuming it’s in the right file format, of course. Its pricing is set firm on $379, practically lower than the original Kindle DX white version or the first model. The refreshed Kindle DX Black edition is not only cheaper, its 9.7-inch has 50 percent better in contrast, which giving a better reading experience for us.

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