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Doctor No (also Dr No and Doctor No) is Ian Fleming‘s sixth James Bond novel, originally published on the 31 March 1958. Doctor No by Ian Fleming: The previous novel, From Russia, with Love, ended in a cliffhanger in which Bond was poisoned by SMERSH agent Rosa Klebb and collapsed. With help of old friend Quarrel (who also previously appeared in Live and Let Die), as well as the beautiful Honeychile Rider, who visits the island to collect valuable shells, Bond discovers that Doctor No, who operates a business harvesting and exporting guano, is also working with the Russians and has built an elaborate underground facility from which he can sabotage American missile tests. DisclaimerThe Administrator of this blog is not responsible for any contents which are given by the users of this site and for any content which's of the linked site. The University of Pennsylvania's Online Books Page is a great place to read free online books.
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No was originally a screenplay for producer Henry Morgenthau III in 1956 for what would have been a half-hour television show titled Commander Jamaica. No, M learns from a MI6 neurologist that the poison was tetrodotoxin, which paralyses the victim while they stay fully conscious, until eventually they die from asphyxiation. No was previously a member of a Chinese Tong (criminal gang) and he was tortured and then had his hands cut off by order of the Tong leaders after he stole a large amount of money from the Tong treasury.
There are tons of online libraries that provide fiction, nonfiction and reference books at no charge. Links are updated regularly and include descriptions to help you find what you're looking for.
Book offerings include British literature, American literature, cookbooks, children's books, textbooks and reference books. Other site features include book summaries, author bios and links to further book-related content.

Things readers can customize include page color, text color, print size, margin size and font. Reading categories include classics, comedy, children's, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays and sci fi. Biblomania provides study guides, literature articles and a whole range of resources for students to go along with these works. Using this you can not only read books online but also can digitally annotate books and interact with other readers in real-time. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). When those plans came to naught, Ian Fleming adapted the screenplay, originally titled The Wound Man.
Bond is given first aid treatment by his friend Rene Mathis, while a doctor is urgently summoned (Klebb, meanwhile, has died in MI6 custody). The Tong hit men then shot him in the chest, but No survived due to having dextrocardia (heart on the right side of the chest). There is even an option to chat with users on different chapters, leave and reply to comments within the text and bookmark your place in the book. After achieving his fame and fortune, he finds no more challenge in the north and heads to the States for new worlds to conquer. He is flim-flammed out of his fortune by Wall Streeters, learns the lesson of dog-eat-dog, and becomes as much of a scoundrel as those who robbed him. No was adapted as the first James Bond feature film of the EON Productions James Bond 007 series.The novel Dr No marks the first appearance of several James Bond signature character elements.
He diagnoses curare poisoning and treats Bond accordingly, but his chances of survival are extremely slim. Bond is kept under regular observation, suffering electric shocks, burns and an encounter with poisonous spiders along the way. Major Boothroyd, the MI6 armourer, appears in person for the first time, and Bond gives up his .25 calibre Beretta 418 pistol on orders from M. Nonetheless, Bond survives.When he returns to duty, he is sent by M on a rest cure to Jamaica, a simple assignment to investigate the disappearance of Strangways, the head of Station J in Kingston, who had previously appeared in Live and Let Die. The ordeal ends in a fight against a captive giant squid, which Bond defeats through his ingenuity at improvised and stolen objects made into weapons, as well as physical toughness. He learns that Strangways had been investigating the activities of Doctor Julius No, a reclusive Chinese-German who lives on an island called Crab Key that is said to be the home of a vicious dragon.

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