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Smartcall : Virgin Media ( VM ) introduce free mobile calls over WiFi but you need to have a Virgin Media landline! However, VMs Smartcall App is available now and comes free to Virgin Media customers and runs on all smartphones with Android 2.3 or higher and any iPhone running iOS 5 and higher. Alex Perrin at Virgin Media said: "SmartCall is the smart way for our home phone customers to save money on their mobile bill. A useful feature with Smartcall is that the app calculates what time zone you are in, and whether or not it is still free to make the call avoiding any additional and unplanned costs.

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SmartCall will deliver what our customers have told us they want - an easy to use app with no surprise bills and genuinely free calls. Prodotto da Alex Bertolini e altri autori, ha come obbiettivo la ricerca e condivisione di nuovi Tools & Services per un KnowHow creativo, seguici su Facebook,Twitter, Google+, o RSS.

Virgin Media originally announced Smartcall way back in November, 2012 and for some reason it took 10 months to get the Smartcall app ready to use.

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