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Every person in the world has trouble or may be any kind of tension which is not shareable. 8 .If you have hair dryer and your victim is using after shower or any time you can take the advantage of this machine. You know very well we are living in digital world so why you are waiting, just go online to buy products which creates smile on your face. On this day all over the world we play pranks with each other and no one take these pranks as seriously. I think there is lots of people who have a little bit time to stay in this physical world so I appreciate if you make happy these types of person who is fighting to survive.
Just borrow mobile phone from your victim and change the language of the mobile phone and then ask him what is happening to your phone. You can make other person typing wrong by just this prank first take out some of keys from your keyboards and now you have to put in random places. You may switch the push and pull sign on your office or any other door where you want to do.
You have to put baby powder in this hair dryer and place it simply where your victim can easily get it after shower.

If you have some money then you can give advertisement in News paper for home for sale or you can post advertisements in classifieds for your cities and that person will be mad about thinking why people calling me? Set an alarm for morning 2 am and hide your alarm watch in that place your victim couldn’t find it.
Buy a pressure horn if you have money and place it below the up and down lifting chair when someone will sit on it then pressure horn will be speak loudly.
Buy an awkward and dangerous looking face masks from online sites like amazon or ebay and then wear it in the night and then go for walk in street where all the people are present and see what happened next when you do it.
Most amazing April fools pranks with the stranger girls, go to market or any place where you can talk to girls, first  say hello to girl and make conversation with her as you are serious about her and giving love proposal but our motto is laughing so trying to more concentrate on serious talking about her and say at last “ I want to say something to you she will reply say please I am ready to listen you what you are trying to say and say at last “ Why melody Is So Chocolaty”. I advise to all please don’t take it seriously because it is the day when we entertain with each other. First of all you have to get screen shot of your desktop screen where all the icons are present and then save it. Il doit dsormais faire face un challenge dans lequel ses capacits de magiciens sont mises l'preuve. In this world we are surrounded with lots of things which create humor you just find out how to create humor from them.

Utilisez les sorts Boule de feu, Vigne, Vague ou encore Foudre pour remporter habilement les diffrents plateaux de jeux. When our friends, relatives or colleague does something scary or funny for us they create memories for us and I think these memories or incidents are the best friends which remain in our heart or mind. Faites le moins de mouvements par niveau pour remporter un maximum d'toiles et progresser dans le jeu. When we get older and I think, most of our family members are not interested to talk to us then these best moments of life are the only way which creates a smile on our face when we sit alone or about our past. When anyone open any icon then that person will go crazy when it is not opening or think that computer is in hang mode just try it and see results.

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