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Like tarot cards, playing cards can be used to perform readings using the very same spreads. If you are not yet familiar with the spreads on this site, it is recommended that you should read through the list in order to find one that is best suited to answer your question.
Cartomancy is a kind of fortune-telling or divination with a pack of cards, probably the most poplular being Tarot. Although a typical card deck can be used for cartomancy, a number of other decks are also designed which are intended particularly to be used for divination, the very best known are the tarot decks. In a cartomancy reading through, a psychic utilizes a pack of cards to reply to the questions you have in order to convey answers regarding your past, present or future. A free Cartomancy reading is similar to Tarot readings for the reason that they derive from some symbols with specific meanings which you can use to reply to questions and indicate future odds. Some cartomancy fortune tellers connect each suit within the deck to a zodiac element, connecting clubs to fire element, diamonds and earth, spades to air element and hearts to water. Like Tarot readings, cartomancy fortune telling too relies on the interpretation of the experienced clairvoyant readers who are able to relate the designs within the cards towards the events and conditions of the individuala€™s life. Try this free online Cartomancy fortune teller to get an instant playing card reading for all issues in life. The Rainbow spread uses seven cards, each one corresponding to a colour of the rainbow. Used as in a general reading, the Rainbow spread gives the reader an overview of the querent's life, situation, or being.
August 23, 2014 by Thu Tran Leave a Comment A deck of playing cards has been around for years and has always been made use of as a helpful source of recreation.
Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from us. Cartomancy divination with playing cards with regards to fortune telling has always been used since eighteenth century.

A Cartomancy reading entails a lot of spreads like Single Card, Destiny Square, 3 cards and many more. Cartomancy Reading Fortune Telling With Playing Cards was posted on March 26, 2013 at 3:22 am in Articles and tagged as card-reading-online-free, cartomancy, cartomancy-fortune-online-free-reading, cartomancy-readings, cartomancy-readings-for-free, divination-using-playing-cards, fortune telling, fortune-3-card-spread-online-free, fortune-telling-cards-online, fortune-telling-with-playing-cards-spreads, free-cartomancy-reading-online, free-cartomancy-reading-playing-cards, free-fortune-spread, free-on-line-cartomancy-card-readings, free-online-reading-cartomancy, online-fortune-reading-by-playing-cards, playing cards, playing-card-reading-online, playing-cards-reading-online-free, reading-cartomancy. People often tell me that it’s the most accurate and illuminating report about themselves that they have ever read. When we know who we really are, then we can act from a place of self-confidence and self-assurance. In fact, historical evidence says that playing cards were probably being used to perform fortune telling even before the tarot cards, dating back to the 1400's. Our playing card spreads are identical to our tarot spreads, along with the rune casts and other online oracles which require certain patterns to be laid out in groups in order to be read in a story-like fashion. Traditionally, the subject moves on from mourning and renews connections with family and friends. Cartomancy reading using playing cards as a means of fortune telling is comparable to tarot cards reading.
The concept of cartomancy came into being since playing cards were first used in 14th century Europe. Cartomancy using standard playing cards was typically the most popular type of "fortune telling" card predictions in ancient times. If you're mainly centered on romantic questions, cartomancy could be a source of very informative love reading.
It's even believed that the 52 cards deck might have been developed similar to the cards from the Minor Arcana present in traditional Tarot card decks.
Further, each colour of the rainbow (and therefore each card position) is associated with an area of the querent's life or personality.
It can also be used to examine the different areas of life that can relate to a situation or question the querent has, and thus helps the reader see the varied influences, causes, and effects that are occurring. Nonetheless, the ancient playing cards seemed to be more different than the numbered ones we apply these days.
Normal playing cards in particular have been employed for fortune telling since ancient times and have in particular remained well-known since then.
In the late 1700's, a cartomancer named Etteilla began using reversed cards in his spreads, for which he used a section of a deck of modified playing cards that had notes containing the card meanings printed on them.
We have 20 great spreads on the site for you to select from, which have been designed to answer any types of questions that may arise. If good things unappreciated are being left behind, this might not represent a favorable result. The opposite interpretation is that inverted, the remaining cups are emptied and nothing is left. Also, this individual may use the loyalty and affection of others against them, perhaps coercing an abused child to keep their abuse secret, perhaps developing a friendship to swindle the supposed friend. It not just helps one understand what the future has planned for him but also improves the intuitive capabilities of an individual who reads playing cards.

Professionals of cartomancy are often known as cartomancers, and querents are known as seekers. There are 13 cards in every suit (numbers two through ten, along with a jack, queen, king, and ace) can be used for cartomancy fortune telling. Cartomancy divination, or future-telling, however may also reveal precedents and hidden facts in your past, present or future, like all kinds of fortune telling predictions. They are assumed to be 1 of the different strategies of acquiring contact with the unknown. It could be an extremely critical process, using complex techniques that theoretically provide a really meticulous reading for a querent with regard of the past, present as well as his future. Madam Lenormand was the most famous cartomancer of the era, who was said to have read the fortune of Napoleon.
As the Aces represent new beginnings, and the Cups represent love, emotion and family, it is not surprising that the Ace of Cups suggests the start of new relationships, or perhaps family relations growing closer.
Inability to escape from the unsatisfying or unproductive situation, and now things seem worse. The Page, or Princess, of Cups is the affectionate, sensitive, loving, but vulnerable child.
Some professionals have stated that cartomancy's roots go as far back to ancient Egyptians, the skill being developed from knowledge provided to the traditional Egyptians.
Each card number, suit and face cards are offered a card meaning, that is then associated with your particular situation. The querent may also choose the kind of spread he or she really wants to take advantage of for that reading. Eventually, inability to move forward after a loss will result in further loss and deterioration of other relationships. When the subject is an adult, this card may suggest that they are feeling some of that sensitivity and vulnerability. While the Six of Cups reversed is often described in contemporary interpretations to mean difficulty letting go of the past, traditionally the meanings were more optimistic: regeneration, better times, renewal, future prospects.
If the subject is a child, as with any child they will achieve and develop best in a supportive, nurturing environment. Perhaps in either aspect, a lesson to treasure the special memories, but avoid becoming their prisoner. It suggests relationship problems, children going away to college, possibly waning friendships.
If the context is personal, perhaps it is a good time to focus on artistic and creative endeavors.

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