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The first power supply I tried out was an Antec True Control 550 that I kept for legacy purposes and the fact it was the first enthusiast power supply with adjustable voltage rails on the outside of the case.
The last power supply I tried out on the tester was the Cooler Master Real Power ESA 1000W power supply, which is a beast. The power supply is one of the most important parts of a computer and with the Rexus power supply tester you can not check for a defective unit in just seconds. Legit Bottom Line:  If you repair a number of computers throughout the year or live in an area with thunderstorms or power fluctuations, a power supply tester is something you need to have in the diagnostic kit!
While you wait for your Astrology Zone forecast, I have completed my broadcast for April, so have a look!
In my show, I don't go sign by sign, but I do tell you the overall look and feel of the month.
If you are reading this message on your cell phone or tablet (iPhone, Android, or Samsung Galaxy), you can now view my TV show on your mobile phone. My daily forecasts are also on the Apple Watch, so if you have one, the helpers at the Apple store will show you how to use Bluetooth to have your dailies show up on your iPhone. If you already have my app, called Susan Miller AstrologyZone Daily Horoscopes, upgrade to the new version 3.2. Once the main ATX connector is installed the tester will power up and give you the readings on the power supply.
This power supply is from 2003 and features a 20-pin ATX connector with a 4-pin P4 connector.

It looks like the Rexus power supply tester was able to handle the five year old power supplies just fine as well as the new 1000W models that are needed for the power hungry SLI and CrossFire gaming systems out there.
I give you lots of interesting information about astrology that I feel will be helpful to you. Look under Home and see the contents menu and click "Films and Videos." This is a new feature of my app, just started three weeks ago. This is new - it will fit your tablet screen perfectly, no matter what size it happens to be. I file your daily horoscopes three months ahead, so they will appear right on time - you will have Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow.
The new features will simply slide in automatically on the new version when you follow the prompts to upgrade your present app. I give much more material than just the daily forecasts on the app - you will see under Life and Love in the menu of content. If you are reading this message on your smart phone, you can see all my Twitter comments on my live feed on your new app under "Susan's Tweets" (upgraded version). Notice that the LCD display is backlit, which is a nice touch as most cases will be dark and might be under a desk. I will also have an announcement about upcoming appearances in New York, one in April and one in May. This month, Mars will go retrograde from April 17 to June 29, so on my show, I discuss this impending retrograde in detail.

That's part of the new features I have added for you, and the best part is, as long as you already have my app, the tablet app it will be free.
If you don't have my app, search "Susan Miller" or "AstrologyZone" in the Apple App Store (or iTunes) or Google Play, and you can download it for free. If the voltage is too low or too high an audible alarm will sound, but if it is slightly high or low it will display LL (low) or HH (high). You may know I had been terribly ill over the past two years with an auto-immune disorder, but am so much better now, and I will resume doing what I love - being out, speaking, and meeting you! My show will run on any browser you use, assuming you are viewing this message on your computer. Hopefully I will answer a reader's question that matches the very question you had in mind. On the show, you will have extra information, and I show you why certain dates will stand out each month.

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