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Associates of the indication Pisces in Feb of 2016 will experience a focused, high-quality improve of power, which will occur due to a large improve in the beneficial characteristics of the emanations of Venus, the exaltation world of this indication. Yet it’s important to know that Mars will remain in Scorpio and this sector of your chart for an unusually long time in 2016.
This is because Mars turns retrograde from mid-April to late June and therefore will be in Scorpio for much of 2016 up until early August.
This is prime time to expand your horizons, seek out new experiences and to embrace travel, study and exploration. Focus on what you want to do this month but don’t feel you have to rush into anything and in fact, there are key reasons why travel and study arrangements could come unstuck. The main issue astrologically is the fact that from the 5th-25th, communication planet Mercury is retrograde or on go slow. If you are travelling or trying to get from A to B, it’s worth allowing extra time, double check all your arrangements and paperwork and be willing to be flexible. Mercury retrograde often indicates a sudden change of plan, needing to do things differently or change course unexpectedly.
Money matters too are part of the bigger equation whether you’re trying to cut financial ties or lessen your expenses. If you’re looking to fund a holiday or course, you may have to consider what you can let go of or sell to finance what you want to do. Venus, the relating planet, is in Sagittarius and your work and career sector until the 23rd.

Look to people who can help you achieve your goals, whether this is your boss, a career adviser or someone in your network of contacts and connections.
Venus rules women in astrology so look to a group of women or a female role model who can help guide you and if you need help in any shape or form, financial or otherwise, turn to a woman or women who can give you sound advice. Not all your friendships will be straightforward now because Mercury in Capricorn also highlights friends and groups in your chart. This month is about discovering who you get on with, who you want to move away from and choosing where and with whom you spend your time. Loyalty and trust are important qualities in any friendship and if someone lets you down too many times, take this as a sign that it might be time to move on.
If you know you have typical Pisces tendencies to over-give, pay attention to what takes place now and know that by cutting ties, you free up energy and space in your life for new people to come in.
This is exactly what can happen on or around the New Moon in Capricorn on the 10th which is a gorgeous day for new connections.
Be aware that misunderstandings can still happen with Mercury on go slow but do reach out to others and focus on friendship. The seeds you sow on or near the New Moon can grow and flourish over the next few weeks and months.
Love too feels gentle especially as Jupiter turns retrograde in your relationship sector on the 8th.
Notice what happens in love when Jupiter switches to reverse as it can reveal new insights about love and partnership to you.

Jupiter makes harmonious connections with Mercury and the Sun on the 13th and 15th and if you’re in a relationship or married this is a lovely period to focus on the future together. Mercury is your partner planet and communication between you and someone close might not be straightforward from the 5th-25th. Remember that there are other ways to communicate which don’t involve words and give another person space to do their own thing. You too will want more time to yourself after the 20th when the Sun enters Aquarius and the most hidden sector of your chart. It would be lovely to think that you can dive into a new year full of energy and ambition but the reality is that you need to go with the flow.
Quiet time is as essential as people time for you this month and especially if someone lets you down, you will appreciate solitude and time for you all the more.
You may need more time to focus on personal needs if you’ve been busy looking after everyone else over the Christmas holidays or simply use this opportunity to be quiet and listen to your inner voice.
There’s no rush in 2016 and in fact the slower your progress right now, the more confident you will feel when new opportunities come your way from next month onwards.

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