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Horoscopes can also be that thing you read in the paper every morning that tells you what kind of day to expect, based on the day of your birth. The horoscopes you find printed in the paper, or emailed to you, are there for entertainment purposes only. He likes the theater, theaters, meetings, concerts, sporting events, shorter everything connected with the crowd. For example a person born under the sign of Aries is said to be impulsive and sometimes impatient.  Other signs hold other meanings. There are real astrologers out there, making real predictions, but even the most serious astrologer is forced to admit that astrology is purely speculation and guesswork. A Virgo is not always caring and compassionate, just like an Aries may be a quiet and timid person.
This chart can be used to show the position of these celestial bodies at any point in history.
These zodiac signs are broken up into male and female signs, and they can also be grouped by fire, air, water, or earth.
There is no scientific theory yet to support the idea that the position of the heavens affects who we are today. The position of the stars in the heavens at the time of birth has no known effect on the personality. Able to make a compliment, funny, talkative, sympathetic and even popular.A horse can succeed in politics that will bring her great pleasure. However Chinese astrology uses a combination of animals and elements, in place of the signs of the zodiac. The twelve signs are further divided into three distinct qualities, which are Cardinal, fixed and mutable.

There are many different interpretations as to how the positions of the stars affect the person being born.
These charts are used by astrologers to predict future events based on a number of factors that all relate back to the positions of the stars on the chart. More deftly than intelligent, really (and she knows it) she did not have enough faith in ourselves. Despite this, kept confident.In the hot horse blood (hence the expression "horse fever"), comes off easily and often loses achieved. Those who once witnessed her anger will never trust her, because her anger is fraught with something unrestrained.
It will trample those who will appear in her way, and will do so without the slightest conscience uhryzeniy as her ambition is too big. It is self-interested and often only interested in their own problems, even if it has to interfere in the affairs of others. However, they do it willingly because it is oppressed family hearth.When the horse itself creates a family, its presence is positive and it will be the central figure. It should be noted that this attitude is justified by the fact of her presence as custodian of the family. Since her disappearance as a house of cards collapsing all family welfare.Although this ehoistka works only for their own personal satisfaction and success, the fruits of this use of it. Unfortunately, with its changing nature, it quickly gets tired of what does: it work, any business or love.
She always needs to be surrounded, by all honorable and praiseworthy to hear his address.In its relations with the opposite sex horse shows weakness. If she can not suppress this weakness and if her mind is above passion, she can be happy and prosper.A horse can link their lives with the goat.

They will be complicit and pass along the divide - and changing whims nature Goat would overrule over selfishness Horses. Last, decision blinded big problems and enormous opportunities, not add any value feelings endure Horses. But by no means a horse must not bind their fate to Krysa, especially if horse-woman and even more if it is a fiery horse. How can these crazy carved spark and cause drama.The first and second phases of life horses are restless. You can not talk about horses, not saying the years of fiery horses, which occur every 60 years (1906, 1966, 2026 estimates.).
Misfortune, sickness, accident affect family horses in this year.Men and women born in the year of fiery horses have the same characters as ordinary horses.
Simultaneously, more industrious, more agile, more able, unfortunately, it is both more obsessed ehoistkoy and her passionate temperament pull it to any extremes, when it's love. Some find it more suitable for families, but popular belief says that Fiery horse causes complications in the house where she was born and the family she creates.Her life will be more exclusive, intense surprise than the life of an ordinary horse. She has a chance to be famous, and it does not matter to express this through good or evil.These are very popular. In all that concerned, put maximum strength and passion, with the exception of official duties.

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