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IQ tests measure the general intelligence skills you possess rather than specific abilities relevant to a particular job.
Discover what intelligence is, how it works, what intelligence tests measure and how they are scored.
Disclaimer: This information has been compiled by Excellerate to assist you with your career development. Human intelligence is one of the most fiercely debated subjects within the field of psychology. Intelligence is a very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. The first IQ test was developed by two French scientist, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, originally for the purposes of assessing children at school so that mentally-handicapped children or children with behavioural problems could receive adequate and appropriate education. Fluid Intelligence Understanding relationships between various concepts, independent of any previous knowledge or skills, to solve abstract problems.
Crystallized Ability Drawing on existing skills, knowledge and experiences to solve problems by accessing information from long-term memory. IQ tests measure fluid and cystallized intelligence by through a range of questions that assess different categories of intellectual ability.
Language Ability Completing sentences or recognising words when letters have been rearranged or removed. Scores for the different categories are combined and put through a process called factor analysis.
Intelligence test scores typically follow a normal distribution on a bell-shaped curve in which the majority of scores lie near or around the average score. The scale below is an example of the IQ classification scale produced by Lewis Terman who was the developer of the Stanford–Binet Intelligence scales.
General intelligence is a key to determining many life outcomes such as academic success, job performance and advancement. The value of IQ tests is that they measure general cognitive ability which has been proven to be a fairly accurate indicator of someone's intellectual potential. The world is full of smart people who do amazing things but experts disagree on exactly what makes a person a genius. Another respected psychologist Arther Jensen reinforces this position but from a slightly different perspective. The World Genius DirectoryAlthough there's no "official" genius score there are organisations, like Mensa, for the few who possess "extreme talent". While men and women may think differently, there's no evidence that either gender is innately more intelligent than the other.
What researchers have discovered is that when it comes to intelligence, people have two types of brains: One type has a significant amount of gray tissue (information processing centers), and a second type has a significant amount of white tissue (tissue that networks the information processing centers). Wisdom, expertise and practical knowledge based on years of experience are valuable assets.
IQ tests measure your ability to understand ideas and not the quantity of your knowledge so learning new information does not automatically increase your IQ. And IQ scores continue to climb as Flynn recently reported, “To my amazement, in the 21st century the increases are continuing.
The Flynn Effect suggests that intelligence is more malleable and subject to environmental effects than originally thought. Keep in mind that there are outside factors that may have a negative impact on your score - taking test on a bad day, being excessively nervous or spending too much time on a few difficult items can artificially lower your score.
Your IQ score will give you a pretty accurate indication of your ability to think, reason and solve problems which will have a bearing on many aspects of your life. This section includes a range of free online IQ tests, some are fairly simple while others are more involved.
The Wonderlic Personnel Test ™The Wonderlic Test is a 50-question exam that is designed to measure a person's ability to process information. Free Online Multiple Intelligence TestThere is considerable debate about the use of the single "g factor" to define intelligence. Free Online Personality TestsThere are several personality traits which are positively related to general intelligence.
Free Online Psychometric TestsPsychometric tests are designed not so much to measure intelligence as to measure ability.
Personality test and psychology - A This FREE test will give you your personality type and explain what it means.

While it's difficult to get a consensus about what "intelligence" actually is, if there's one thing that everyone seems to agree on it's that exercising the brain is as important as exercising the body. This background knowledge will help you to make more sense of your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) scores. No endorsement is made of the services, nor is warranty given as to the completeness or accuracy of the information provided by the sites listed.
There are researchers who suggest that intelligence is a single, general ability while others believe that intelligence encompasses a broader range of aptitudes, skills and talents. It is the single number derived from a set of standardized tests that measure a person’s ability to comprehend and solve problems in relation to their age group within the general population. This initial test measured skills such as comprehension, judgement, problem-solving and reasoning – and is the basis of the standard modern intelligence test.
On most IQ tests, a score between 90 and 110, (or the median 100 plus or minus 10) indicates average intelligence.
The fact is if you score 95 you're also within the average IQ range - on most of the standard scalses.
Occupations differ considerably in the complexity of their demands, and as that complexity rises, higher levels of general intelligence become a bigger asset and lower levels a bigger handicap.
Being brighter also helps as the daily activities of everyday life require reasoning and decision making — an exercise of general intelligence. Some specify a particular IQ score, such as 140 or higher, while those who disagree with the 140-point cutoff argue that people often display intelligence that can't be measured on a standardized IQ test. We know a Nobel Prize winner who never scored at Mensa level on a school IQ test - he was too busy seeing all the alternate possibilities for each answer. He states that IQ differences in the upper part of the scale have far less personal implications and are generally of lesser importance for success than certain traits of personality and character.
The Genius Directory includes an up to date Who's Who of some of the highest IQ test scorers in the world. The study found that female brains have about 10 times more white matter than male brains, and male brains have about 6.5 times more gray matter. Younger people may perform with greater speed and more agility, but the older generation can see the big picture and trends based on experience. There is evidence that maintaining an intellectually stimulating environment (by learning new skills) and some forms of specialised brain training boosts some ability but these changes aren't permanent. In his study of IQ tests scores for different populations over the past sixty years, Professor James Flynn discovered that IQ scores increased from one generation to the next for all of the countries for which data existed. Flynn is an emeritus professor of politics at the University of Otago in New Zealand  and authorof "What Is Intelligence?: Beyond the Flynn Effect" and "Are We Getting Smarter? They used classifications based on functional relationships (this eats that) or similarities in appearance (this looks like that). Understanding how an IQ test works, familiarising yourself with the type of problems and being well rested will help you to achieve a truer score.
Do remember that the majority of free online IQ tests are nothing of the sort or at best a simplification. The High IQ Society website states that they're the first to provide a range of standardised free IQ tests on the internet. Answers to questions and discussion of the answers are provided at the time you submit your answers. This questionnaire includes 208 questions and provides you with a detailed feedback report.
Your raw IQ score is scaled to provide your IQ relative to the normal distribution of intelligence scores. Each year players from the American NFL Pre-Draft are evaluated not only on their strength and speed, but also their mental acuity by taking the Wonderlic test. Take the TestThis free online test is based on the Wonderlic test where you can see how how your score compares to top pro football players. Learn about two influential theories of Multiple Intelligence and discover your unique combination by taking a free online multiple intelligence quiz.
Many employers and recruitment agencies use a form of psychometric testing as part of their selection process. In the FREE DIY Section you will find practical tools, tips, techniques and ideas on Team Building, Leadership and Career Smart Development. The following tasks require you to yse alphanumeric patterns built according to certain rules.

Each link will open in a new window taking you to the site where you should use your discretion when providing personal details or actiing upon the information provided. To avoid confusion (and that debate) this section focuses on a "general intelligence factor" that's measured and expressed as IQ. These tests of mental ability reflect a single factor, usually abbreviated as "g" (by psychologists).
It's the reduction of these different dimensions into a single general intelligence score that provokes debate within the field of psychology. As you look further toward the extreme ends of the curve scores tend to become less common. As for genius there's no doubt that Mozart was gifted but IQ tests hadn't even been invented in his day. The classification scales below reflect this and indicate how scores can be used to establish cut off points for entry into different types of jobs and educational programmes.
Scientists are working on it but they have yet to discover reliable and ethical ways to manipulate a permanent rise in IQ - which is why the now famous Flynn Effect is also known as the IQ paradox. However over time, and in response to an increasingly complex world, people have developed new "habits of mind".
So, before you have a go at some of the free online IQ tests check out this Howcast video with quick IQ test tips. IQ scores don't measure a myriad of other abilities that can lead to many different successes in life. They test a narrow range of thinking skills and wont give you a true indication of your IQ - so dont take the results too seriously.
Those that are listed were found to contain useful practice tests, questionnaires or other material at the time of their inclusion.
And with more than 20 million users since 2001 their question pool enables them to provide more than 2.4 billion tests. It measures your spatial intelligence - your ability to look at and understand the spatial world.
The test has been administered for more than 30 years to almost every draft-eligible player although research has found little correlation between the Wonderlic scores and player performance.
Discover what these traits are and take a free online personality test to learn about your type. The point is claiming an IQ of 97 or even 147 is meaningless unless you know the actual type of test that was used.
Now there are almost no tests in use that will give extraordinary high IQs except those with very large standard deviations. While men and women have different types of tissue in their brains, overall performance is equal - we just excel at different types of tasks. However, the good news is that the long-term memory of older adults appears to store and use information better than short-term memory so, while older people may lack the cognitive skills of their youth, they have something that can't be measured on any standardized test - wisdom.
These are more conceptual and have boosted IQ scores in specific categories - for example "similarities" has seen enormous gains (24 points between 1947 and 2002 in the Weschsler Intelligence Scale for Children). Your actual IQ score can vary plus or minus five points since it is very difficult to get an IQ score with complete accuracy.
The fact that a link to a website, or other resource, is included, does not constitute a professional recommendation or endorsement of the services, nor is warranty given as to the completeness or accuracy of the information provided by the sites listed. The higher your spatial IQ, the more easily you will be able to learn and to solve problems that involve looking at and understanding what you see. Upon completion you are provided a badge with your score and the NFL player you scored better than. The best results are obtained from reliable validated IQ tests and when more than one test is administered. Each link will take to you the site where you should use your discretion when providing personal details or actiing upon the information provided.

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