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The author of JumpStart Kindergarten Reading is Unknown Author Everything Your Kindergartner Needs to Succeed at Join Hopsalot on a vacation adventure to find the lost carrot-patch Along the way, your child will develop the same progressive reading skills taught in a full year of classroom Grade-Based Reading lessons are organized by the Kindergarten Every activity reinforces the skills your child is learning at A 10-Step We concentrate on 10 classroom-proven skill sets so your child develops a solid foundation for success in reading, and in Focus on Every activity begins with a game that reinforces phonics Plus, there's individual attention to vowel, consonant and blended Emphasis on Fun! Everyone learns better when they're having Movie-style animation, bright play areas, toe-tapping music and action-packed game play keeps your child giggling and Learn-To-Read JumpStart Kindergarten Reading includes customized tools that match the way your child learns best - whether it's by makeing associations, memorizing, listening, writing, creating or Have a Hopping Good Time!
Discover the hidden carrot-patch Visit Hopsalot's furry family and Each one has a special clue for you and each one has a special reading activity for you to Follow the clues to find the Along the way, you'll gain confidence in each of the 10 critical areas of reading ABC's Hopsalot's hangout is full of fun things to Join Hopsalot at the blackboard for a fun-tastic review of letter shapes and letter Case Letters Grandpa needs his letters delivered across the You'll hear a letter and see its upper or lowercase version on a Find the matching letter on a bobbling turtle or crafty Emphasis is given to letters that are easily confused such as Vv and Sounds & Letters Phonics skills are reinforced over and over in hundreds of delightful Before each interactive activity, you'll be asked to find the objects that begin with a letter, a letter sound, or a letter Vowels It's fiesta time!

Differentiate vowel and consonant sounds as you click on parts of the Make enough matches and the pinata will burst open, spilling goodies Consonants & Blends Grandma's coaching hockey! Pick out the pucks with a consonant or consonant blend on them, and shoot toward the Can you get your pucks past.
The Author of this Book is Unknown Author This title is available at BookMoving on Unknown Author's eBooks, .

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