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Also I occasionally recommend Kindle freebies on my facebook page and Free Home School Deals does too, so be sure to like us both and ad us to your news feed, or interest lists is you're looking for freebies. There are some great books on this site, including the "Lady Bug Girl" books and the "Llama Llama" books. These stories are probably my kids' favorite ones, mostly because they're narrated by the veggie voices they already love, and some of them are based on the DVD's they've already seen. Unfortunately no link to share with you here, but just go to your local library's website or call them to see if they're part of an eLending network. If you've read and enjoyed this book, would you mind leaving a quick review on Amazon for me?
This site is brilliant if you want your children to read and listen to a story or play a game without any interference from ads or pop ups.
SOme lovely classic stories for children like The Rainbow Fish read by members of the Screen Actors Guild on You tube. The information and art found on Read Free Childrens Books Online is the property of Childrens Educational Books. The story books available on this website are not to be read actually, they are to be heard. The final website to read story books for kids online, My Online Reading is as simple a website as its name. On My online Reading Platform, you will find different story books with themes like creatures, disasters, mysteries, people, sport, and more.
Check out all these above given websites and find some real good story books to read online and that too for free.
If they enjoy it then it will improve their reading skills and give them a love of reading. There is so much choice and variety and the arrival of the internet means they can have instant access to what will hold their interest. It isn’t for everyone but so many children I have read with love the books and their familiar characters, magical adventures, Floppy dog and incredibly clumsy Dad. It is intended for kids to learn English but the online stories would appeal to native English speakers too.
There is the option to read the story yourself or hear it and each page has a comprehension style, multiple choice question where you pick the right word to fit in the sentence.
Although you can’t read along it is a lovely story to listen to and the rock songs which go with it are really catchy.
The real swan pictures are lovely and it would work well if your child was doing a topic about birds or was particularly interested in them.

They not only form a part of their official school curriculum, but also find a place in extra curricular activities. The website, although still in Beta stage, is an amazing  platform for kids to read different kind of story books. This is a plain website in terms of its interface, but makes up for it by providing some amazing free stories. Each story book comes with a designated reader who read the book for you in an interesting manner. This is one of the very few platforms that lets you both read books online and download them as well. Hence, you will find categories like toddlers children, young adults on the website to suit the interest of every kid.
If you are aware of any other platforms to read good story books, please share them with us. Not every child loves classic fiction just as not every adult will get a kick from reading Jane Austen.
I love the fact you can go on the internet and  find a story for kids – completely free. It is an adventure story for girls told in instalments and is full of magic and adventures. Children color the borders and draw pictures based on their understanding of the story.a€?I had great fun illustrating your book. Reading story books in a way paves the path for kids to go on and read more and more literature as they grow up. Other than the variety of the books available, it is the animation of the website that really captures your imagination. There are multiple stories available in three different categories: Young Children, Older Children, and Young Adult.
The interface of the website is quite cool and to the liking of children; the color combinations are catchy and the books rotate around on your screen as you go through them. Against every available book you will find an option to read it online, and download the free PDF version of that story book. Also, you can share the books you read on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and more.
The most impressive feature of this website is actually its interface; you can flip the book pages as if you were reading from a hard copy.
You will find all these categories listed on top of the home page and can choose one for yourself.

I think it is our job as parents to help children find the books and other reading materials they love – encouraging them to read widely as they discover their preferences. And with story books available online for free, it just helps to reach out to more and more kids.
Although there are limited story books available at the moment, you can subscribe to their free newsletter to hear more about upcoming books.
As far as choosing books from the gallery is concerned, you can search through the library by book title, author name, or reader name.
It might be the same story in their class book but for some reason put it on the screen and it is a million times more interesting. One of the features I like is that you can click on some highlighted words and see a picture cue to help you. All the constraints like money, accessibility are eliminated and all that’s required is a desire to read. When you click on these different animations, a voice will tell you what kind of stories that particular theme contains.
A brief introduction, along with the author name is given, and when you click to read a story book, it opens in a new tab with a clean interface to make reading easy.
I know there is an argument for limiting screen time but how can you argue when you see a normally reluctant reader entranced by their online story? Plus, since the books are all online, children get exposure to kind of material they may not otherwise get to read. Some of the books available on this website also have audio included in it, and you will find an icon on top of them indicating the same. All told the sites I'm about to share with you have over 1,000 free children's books that you can read online or download. There are arrows on the lower half of the page that you can click to see more options available.
Lastly, just above these arrows, there are characters to choose from; the character you choose will read you the stories of your choice.

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