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Chinese Horoscope 2012 gives a gleam about horoscope based on a€?Traditional Astrologya€™ and a€?Calendarsa€™ for the year 2012. As the year 2011 is already on the verge of completion, ita€™s once again time to go through Chinese Horoscope 2012 and see whata€™s in store for us. The year 2012 is considered as the year of water Dragon and according to the Dragon symbol of 2012 year, the person born in this year will be an intelligent and laborious worker who will never put his works aside before completion though it may lead excesses to him. According to the traditional belief of China, the year 2012 is noted as the year of a€?water Dragona€™. By reading a€?Chinese Horoscope 2012a€™, you may predict how will be the career, family relations, money status, social image, and future life for the person born in this year of Dragon. Free horoscope prediction - kundli milan report, Free horoscope prediction by date of birth, free horoscope prediction and free online marriage prediction marriage prediction, kundli solution,.

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By following the Dragon symbol of 2012 year, you may predict that the child will be born in this year will show a tremendous characteristics. AstroSagepredictions on a€?Chinese Horoscope2012a€™foretell how the person will have a different personality in this year seeing their zodiac sign with this year animal sign.
Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Money, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are animals of each calendar year. Dragon symbolizes a magnificent creature which is attractive, full of vitality and strength. Good intelligence, hard-working, and fearless are some characteristics of the child who will come on the earth in this year of Dragon.

In china Dragon is symbol of emperor and also the symbol of power and wealth and therefore according to the Chinese astrology the person born under dragon zodiac sign is considered as the doer which signifies that they do work and achieve power by getting things done.
In the year 2012, a€?Dragona€™is represented as the animal for this year, and the child who will be born in this year, will be recognized as a€?a person born under Year of Dragona€™.

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