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When you’re at home, making a phone call at the same time as preparing dinner or getting ready to go out can be quite a challenge, especially given the fact that it isn’t always easy to put the caller on loudspeaker. Although the majority of cordless landline phones today do have a hands-free option, switching over to this mode is often far from practical.
Another advantage of hands-free is being able to have several people in on the same conversation. Intuitive switch to hands-free mode, high-definition sound and 360-degree communication: everything about the Home Phone has been designed to promote sharing and conviviality.

In mid-conversation, you’re obliged to move the handset away from your ear and search for the loudspeaker button among the myriad of other options, often hidden right at the end of a menu. But thanks to its advanced acoustic design, making it compatible with the High-Definition sound of operators using CAT-iq, the Home Phone offers clear, warm sound, even in loudspeaker mode. Yet another aspect of daily life that has been incorporated into the very design of the Home Phone, with its microphone and 360-degree loudspeaker. We set out to provide you with the best hands-free system ever used on a cordless landline phone.

With the Home Phone, users find the exact opposite since the switch to hands-free mode is intuitive: simply placing the phone on a flat surface causes it to switch automatically to loudspeaker.

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