Free medium readings in south africa

Psychic Medium and Tarot Master Phil Taylor offers One to One readings , Group Demonstrations and Spiritual Guidance and Healing to individuals throughout the local area.
These will cover Spiritual Development, Psychic Awareness, Mediumship Mentoring, Numerology , Working with Auras, Connecting to Angels , Colours and Chakras , Guided Meditation and Relaxation Classes. Offering One to One Consultations to Clients, which are private and confidential offering comfort and Spiritual Guidance in the new unique Relaxation and Consultation room.

Renowned for being accurate and considerate.Group demonstrations Weekly Development Classes and Workshops are also available. Weekly Spiritual Development circles and One day Workshops offering, Raising Spiritual Awareness , Psychic Exercises, Auras , Crystals , Colour Therapy , Connecting to Angels , Numerology, Mediumship Mentoring, Guided Meditations and Relaxation.

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