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On a serious note, does this apply to everyone or just the people that have been born after the "shift"? Well, since this "shift" has been happening for the last 2000 years, it pretty much applies to everyone.
Haven't you heard this doesn't apply to western horoscopes seeing as how we follow the tropical zodiac system? This is the so called sidereal zodiac, which actually has been known for thousands of years in India. So I go from being an alpha male aries to sensitive pisces even though I have no traits of pisces?
If applying sidereal zodiac then your sun sign (in Pisces) suggest that you are interested in arts, music and dreaming depending on which house your sun is placed in.

OR MAYBE, just maybe, the zodiac signs don't mean jack all and it's just for 40 year old women in a midlife crisis, looking for "guidance" from tarot cards and star signs. I'm not much for astrology and horoscopes, but there's just something about being a Virgo that bugs me. The Sun may cross the Ophiuchus constellation but astrology has always been divided in twelve parts, or twelve houses.
I thought I heard something about it being only for people born after a certain year but I guess not. However, the modern constellations do not represent equal divisions of the zodiac, and the ecliptic now passes through a thirteenth (Ophiuchus).

I shall remain a capricorn :) I would hate to think that in my 35 years I have lived the lie of believing that I was a Capricorn. Many of you don't realize that the sun sign does not say much about the personality, it's the Ascendant or the Rising sign which describes you more, the sun sign explain what factors in life makes you happy, not your attitude!

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