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Patrick's Day Dot-to-Dot ActivitiesThese puzzles are a fun way for kids to learn and practice their numbers. Patrick's Cryptogram Puzzles - Substitute the letters in the puzzle with the correct letters to decipher the message. The puzzles are ranked in order of difficulty, starting with the ones with fewer dots and working up. Patrick's Day Riddler - Use the clues to find out the number codes that will give you the answer to the three riddles.

Patrick's Day Word Scramble - This printable worksheet has a list of 15 words about St. Patrick's Crypto-Families - Crypto-families are lists of related words that are encrypted with a letter substitution. Patrick's Day Words - 15 anagrammed words are featured here along with a picture of each unscrambled word. Patrick's Day Hangman Game - Can you guess the secret word or will it leave you hanging?

Patrick's Day Anagram - In this easy word game, first you unscramble the ten jumbled words, then take and rearrange the the circled letters to discover the mystery word.

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