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0800 Numbers are Freephone numbers, it’s free for your customers to call them from their home or business landlines. 0800 Numbers from Smart Numbers are slightly different in that we only use the UK's biggest Tier 1 networks which means you are guaranteed reliability and call quality unlike some of the less reliable internet telephony providers in the market. With a massive range of call management features included with your 0800 Number, we recommend talking to us before you buy an 0800 number.
We also have the functionality available for you to make calls from your 0800 numbers, using your mobile handset to connect with the 0800 number.
We charge you a very small set up fee and there is no contract associated with buying an 0800 freephone number, just a rolling monthly agreement.
Use of the 0800 number is billed via a range of discounted call plans, as seen above, which provide complete flexibility month by month for you to maximise the 0800 numbers benefits.
There is no difference in the monthly 0800 number cost, a memorable 0800 number is only priced differently by the one off set up fee. Divert to mobile, landline and international phones a€“ we only use BT or Cable & Wireless Tier 1 telecom networks for guaranteed quality.
Bespoke "Agreed Rates" can be negotiated a€“ Call 0845 017 8181 (option 1) to discuss your needs. Providing an 0800 freephone number gives the impression of a larger, customer focused business. Research shows that companies using Freephone numbers are often regarded as bigger and more reliable.
Some advertising can see increased response rates of up to 300% when using an 0800 number over other numbers. All our 0800 Numbers are capable of having cutting edge call solutions added, opening up new business opportunities.
Our 0800 numbers and call features can be managed by us - or you, directly via our platform. Smart 0800 Numbers are for life, you can move them to different destinations as often as you like. Smart Numbers are for life, not tied to a physical line or premise a€“ you can move them to different destinations as often as you like. Port Numbers to us and they can be included on your discounted call plan for as little as 92pence per month. Our latest product development allows you to make calls from your Mobile Landline Number as well as receive them. You selectively dial out from your mobile landline number, we overwrite or "Mask" your phones actual caller id with that of your Smart Number.
The calls you make to mobile or UK landlines are included free with in our discounted call plans. It's simple and easy to use, no additional technology required a€“ simply press a key to activate the product before a call.
Create contacts or speed dials on your existing handsets for calls you want to make regularly. By overwriting or "Masking" your mobile or home number with your 0800 Number as your caller ID, you are more likely to get answered. It is a more trusted number and hopefully familiar to those new or prospective clients that you are returning missed calls and messages from. When calling someone's mobile, it is likely they will save your "Calling From" number to their contacts. Anti-Virus Support team plays an important role in protection of your data and your network by providing air-tight system and network security.
Disclaimer :– Tech Supporrt is a third party SERVICE provider for issues related with Laptop, Desktop, Anti-Virus, Printers and its products. Before I go into why folks reading too much into astrological signs annoy me, I want to talk a little bit about their history. There is no concrete, definitive answer on when humans first began grouping stars into constellations and then using earthly allusions to describe those constellations.
Lastly, and most importantly, we know there shouldn’t be any real personality associations with the Zodiac because … brace yourself … the constellations themselves are completely made up!  Basically, some ancient Babylonian farmer looked up in the sky and decided to play connect the dots. I don’t know if I am a Zodiac enthusiast but I definitely am one of those people that let the zodiac influence how I date (notice I said influence not dictate). Sidenote: I am a little disturbed that I saw Aries mistyped as Ares, and thought immediately of the Greek god of war instead of the ram. I love having a conversation with someone and they tell me all this stuff about myself that makes sense to them but I tell them real reasons. I finally moved out of the house we shared 6 months ago but she promptly packed up her stuff up and tracked me down by coming to my job.
She recently convinced me to let her back into my home, but after living together for a month, I now know for sure that we just are not meant to be together as a couple. I don't want to get the cops involved because these things will haunt our reputation for years to come (everything gets posted online nowadays). Download our Services guide now - by clicking here - to understand more about the services and options you get from Numbers Plus. Choose your number now from a selection of our numbers below for instant set up or browse for a greater selection of our numbers by clicking here.
Mobile Operator Surcharge – Calls delivered to your Freephone number by a mobile operator have a surcharge of 5p per minute which is not included in your free minute allowance.Payphone Access Charge – Calls delivered to your Freephone number by a payphone have a surcharge of 79p which is not included in your free minute allowance. We can build your 0800 number so that you can receive calls on your mobile if that’s what you want.

Just a single call at 0800-098-8354 – Anti-Virus Problem Support Number can make things easier for you in just a single go. Our priority is to provide quick, secure & guaranteed solution in minimum span of time. We provide services through our pool of trained specialists and experts who are certified by leading technology companies. The conversation is going well and you’re both getting more and more comfortable sharing your lives’ most elucidating tidbits. I think astrology is cool and fun the same way fortune cookies and going to get your palm read are cool and fun. Some say it was the Ancient Greeks (because of course, ancient Greeks created like everything – supposedly). First and foremost, the zodiac is based on a geocentric view of the earths relationship to the universe.
He saw some stars bunched together and started relating them to things he encountered in his everyday life like lions and crabs and bulls and rams. However, I was fortunate enough to be born a Scorpio and well, this has rarely been frowned upon.
Astrology can be a HOBBY to gain greater knowledge into your motivations and negative traits. It's something fun to do and consider, but shouldnt influence the way you look at a person. I'm a Gemini, and although I know her birthday, I never once even thought about what her Zodiac sign was, and had to look it up. Then again, maybe Aries are warlike and belligerent, I don't know what their characteristics are supposed to be. Like if we had waited to make a decision about hanging out with those white people, we might have been in Africa right now. It took me back to childhood when I was into Greek Mythology and Astrology and Global Studies and Archaeology. I've had my natal chart done and I read my horoscope in any entity that has horoscopes. Unless living in a toxic relationship with a clingy, insecure, controlling, disrespectful person isn't one of your dealbreakers in a woman, you have to cut it off completely. Research has shown that customers feel companies who offer freephone numbers care more about their customers, and that the majority of customers would always call a freephone number first. Calls received to an 0800 or 0808 number are charged to the person who rents the number at a low cost of 2.5 pence per minute.
Why not invest in a memorable 0800 or 0808 number, not only does it look excellent on your business stationery, but it's easy for your customers to remember and also easy to advertise. Numbers from Numbers Plus come with an on-line Console where you have fully control over your numbers. When you want to change the destinations that your Numbers Plus number calls this is done instantly. Using a Freephone number can increase your sales enquiries by 50 percent as using a Freephone 0800 or 0808 number will give your customers the most incentive to contact you. The brand names, trademarks, logos, company names used in the site and belong to their respective owners. You’re winding down one particularly enlightening story and looking to them to see if they appreciate the insight into your life you’ve just anecdotally given them, when with a deep and abiding seriousness they say:  “Hmmmm… What’s Your Sign?”  This, for me, is one of the most disappointing responses anyone can ever give. The zodiac is a series of constellations that are viewable in the night’s sky along the thin band of space our sun appears to pass through as it revolves around the Earth (I know, the Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth – just stay with me).
Some say it predates Ancient Greece and goes all the way back to Babylon where Babylonian astronomers divided the constellations in the ecliptic into 12 equal parts to help determine the seasons. In a geocentric view, the Earth is at the center of the universe and the sun, moon and all of the stars in the sky all revolve around us. That’s really all it is.  If we were to do the same thing today our signs would be based on the Apple logo, the Nike swoosh and Alberto Korda’s portrait of Che Guevera.
There are some commonalities, but it's hard to decipher the root of them and why they are.
Perhaps I know a little too much about Greek mythology, so seeing Ares made me think of Ares instead of Aries. Christians believe in a whole bunch of stuff that really don't make all that much sense or lost their relevance 2,000 years ago. Or I can say, well I got this job because I went to a great school and have excellent experience. For example that whole Libra convo upthread and how all Libras take forever to make a decision….so, are they suggesting that no other person that is of a different sign takes forever?
It brought up some good memories and old dreams, lots of little projects that I scrapped as I grew up. We live together and breaking up has been very hard simply because she just wouldn't let go.
Her friends advised her to move out of state to get over me, which she did and moved from PA to TX. People have difficulty moving forward because they are standing in place looking backwards. These calls are free to the caller when dialling from their home, office, or mobile phones and the cost for us to route the calls on to you is just 3.5p per minute.
For example, any technical error while using email services can lead to big losses and interrupted communication.

Brand names, trademarks, logos, company names used in the site are for representation purposes only. Most of us know our signs and most of us have a general idea of the characteristics associated with our signs.
Regardless of where it began, the idea of associating particular personal character traits to individuals born during particular months, was most definitely born in Ancient Greece. Folks born under the Apple logo would be “Jobs,” under Jordan would be “Jumpmen” and under Guevera would be “Guerrilleros.” And in terms of personality traits, Jobs’ would be techies, Jumpmen would be athletic and Guerrilleros would be anti-authority, revolutionary types. But when I go back and reflect on the relationship I had with certain people and then I look up our compatibilty zodiac wise and I find that the zodiac lines up with what I’ve experienced already, it seems to hold a bit of truth in it. I've mentioned on this site before that I struck out with not one, not two, but THREE Tauruses.
I really don't care to step that far back into my psyche to hold a full blown discussion on it but it was really cool to have a memory bubble of young me float up into the cloudspace of my daydreams. You really couldn't glean my mentality from this extensive excerpt of the highs and lows of my life? She is a beautiful woman but is very clingy, insecure, controlling, disrespectful, and has enormous trust issues. Wondering whether or not I’ve somehow misjudged this person, I’ll say, “Uh, I think I’m a Cancer … my birthday is July 21st.” Then the conversation goes south.
To make it more simple, imagine our sun as one of those highlighting markers that we all used as a study tool in college.
Bottom-line is that the people who look to astrology do so because it has worked for them in the past. But in astrology there is also where your planets line up, the houses they line up in, and the planets in relation to eachother. I’m a product of my environment, my mother was compassionate my father has a Bruce Banner temper I have both. On the flip side, this is how I feel about Christianity…completely arbitrary and made up. I always thought it wasn't so much the Zodiac as it was the time of year the person was born which factors into how they develop character traits etc.
Please note that surcharges apply if your Freephone number is called from a payphone or from a mobile network.
In such cases, Online Technical Customer Toll Free Number for problem support comes out as an aid for people looking for reliable helpdesk number. They’ll usually proceed to talk about how everything that’d been said previously makes more sense now that they know I’m a Cancer, and how even if I hadn’t told them, if they had to guess, they probably would have guessed that I am a Cancer. The first sign that someone may have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with astrology is when they know the start and end date for, not only their sign, but for every sign there is.
As it appears to travel across our sky throughout the year, imagine the sun highlighted the path that it traveled on.
They believed that certain truths were held on all levels of human perception, all levels of the cosmos. You know when you meet someone you think is cool and normal and then suddenly they start telling you about Big Foot.
When you ask me something stupid after I've said something extraordinary it makes you look like a waste of time who needs coddling.
Those of you reading this right now, who are really into astrology, are probably thinking that everything I’m saying is very much something a Cancer would say. In the night time, if you could still view that highlighted path, the constellations of stars that would rest in that path are what make up the zodiac.
People are always going to look for ways to explain their worlds and to explain human behavior. Knowing the start and end dates is one thing, but knowing the start and end dates, and knowing all of the subsequent characteristics of each sign is a sure sign that you probably take astrology way to seriously.
In order, those constellations are Ares, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. If the physical size of the constellations directly correlated to Earth time (as it should), then based on the size of its associated constellation, Sagittarius would make up something like 4 or 5 months.
On top of that, according to most things I read, the hubmeister and I would not be considered good mates. I would've missed out on something great if I would have put a lot of stock into that. After looking at my natal chart – I have a lot of planets lined up in Capricorn which overshadows those characteristics. I do, however, enjoy reading about what my characteristics are supposed to be like and finding any inklings of truth there. I consider myself a scholar of life and I’ll learn from any ancient spiritual wisdom trying to teach me, whether thats God or the stars that He made. At the end of the day, I think it's a good learning tool for self-discovery as well as in relationships.

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